$150 Billion Problem Statement

Indian IT services industry has become a $150 Billion industry. Despite these staggering numbers, most IT services executives come across one common complaint from their customers – “Your people do not understand our business.”

Aspirations of IT Services Companies

IT executives want their teams to have business-focused conversations with their clients.

Sales and Pre-Sales


Solutions & Delivery

Have business-focused conversations with customers. Talk client’s business language and understand client's business strategy and growth initiatives
Design “outside-in” rather than “inside-out” marketing messages, telling their prospects about how they can solve the client business problems with their IT solutions.
Proactively identify, propose and build technology solutions that address customer's pain-points and solve complex business issues



Understanding a client business requires effort, especially when the company is large. What should be the starting point? We believe that the most fundamental question to understand a company’s business is “how it makes money?”. Once that is answered, then only one can better understand the challenges, pain-points, growth strategy etc.

Our Company

At R&P Research, we help IT companies understand their clients business challenges by focusing on the client business fundamentals. We do research on the different businesses at three levels:

1) Business basics. We do research on how do businesses make money. We do research on what do they offer, who do they serve, what are the benefits of their offerings, and how do they recognize their revenues. This helps with a basic understanding of the company’s revenue model.

2) Business challenges and strategies. We analyze a company’s overall revenues and profits, business/geographic segment revenues and profits, and key financial/operational metrics. Then, we benchmark these to the company’s peers. This helps us identify the company’s business challenges. We use several business management frameworks and our own proprietary methods to decode the business strategies of a company.

3) Industry insights. At industry level, we do research on the different players in an industry and how do they compare on different financial and operational metrics. We identify the largest/smallest players, fastest/slowest growing companies, most/least profitable companies, and revenue/profit share gainers/losers over the quarters and years. We also do research on how technology is disrupting the businesses in different industries.

Our mission is to simplify the understanding of large complex businesses through visualizations and data-driven insights. We bring only the best in class research and design experts to build meaningful business research products – research reports, actionable business data, and market forecasts. Our research products are used by global IT companies to answer critical questions around market, competition, growth, and innovation.

Our Solutions

We provide business fundamental solutions (Data & Insights) across IT Services companies value chain. Our products help technology companies identify their client’s business strategy, challenges & opportunities to offer business aligned solutions.

Value Journey Map

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