About Us

Are you an investor, researching industries to identify high growth opportunities, or a technology professional, business consultant or a marketer who is researching industry to offer business aligned solutions to clients? Or maybe you are considering starting a new business venture or entering a new market, but would like to do some due diligence research on industry business fundamentals first.

Having faced similar situations, we understand the importance of your research. We at R&P Research are driven by our vision – “To become first source of information for professionals that want to understand the industry business fundamentals”. 

Our innovative research solutions (Data + Insights) on business and financial analysis of industries and companies across sectors are built to meet needs of entrepreneurs, retail investors and business strategy professionals.

Our Product

R&P U.S. Top Companies Database” is a unique database of Top 3000 companies across 400 industries in The U.S. R&P database contains comparative revenue and profit details, competitive intelligence, industry insights and contact information of top 3000 US companies. Offered as an easy-to-use excel spreadsheet with additional data, R&P screener is an effective company screening, market-sizing and opportunity targeting tool.

Why R&P Screener?

  • Unique, 1st of its kind database to get insights on revenue & profit details of top 3000 companies
  • Helps investors narrow down the scope of stock candidates and save significant time in making cumbersome researches
  • Enables industry professional get valuable benchmarking data to track the market growth, competition market share and target the right client
  • Provides entrepreneurs access to financial benchmarks to identify the growing industry segments