Square (SQ) Business Analysis – Analyze Historical Performance, Strategic Priorities, And Business Improvement Opportunities...

Square, Inc. with $2 billion revenues in the year 2016 was the number 9 Payment and Transaction Processing Services company. Read this report to know the top competitors of Square and identify growth and cost optimization opportunities of Square

Square (SQ) Revenues And Revenue Growth From 2012 To 2016

This report provides the last five years revenues and revenue growth of Square, Inc. (SQ) from 2012 to 2016. Square generated a total of $1.7 billion revenues during 2016. Square reported a revenue growth of 34.9% year-on-year during 2016. The revenues and the revenue growth correspond to the fiscal year ending in December.

How Square Makes Money? Understanding Square Business Model

This post is about how Square makes money. Firstly, we explain the key elements of Square business model. We provide information on Square products and...