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The Power Of Industry Intelligence Platform

The R&P “Industry Intelligence Platform” (IIP) integrates industry and business fundamentals data from multiple sources in one single integrated information space. IIP enables advanced visual information modeling, deep analytics and quick insight generation to help you make informed decisions. Only R&P Industry Intelligence Platform provides you direct access to industry-specific data and visual insights for the most important business sectors.

Find Out How Industry Intelligence Platform Can Help You


Perfect solution for academic research to study industry dynamics. Great learning aid for students to broaden perspective and get valuable market research inputs.

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Gain clarity on industry-wide forces, value drivers and business strategy of your targeted clients. Identify business performance improvement areas by conducting in-depth performance analysis. Quantify short- and long-term value creation opportunities that have direct business impact.

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Get easy access to the information you need to get an overview of the industry in which you are looking to build your business and create opportunities for growth. Identify key trends, statistics and top companies in each industry.

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