It seems that in the past year, the whole world has been talking about the 5g network and what it will bring to humanity. The fact is that technology is advancing at the speed of light, and our needs are only growing in this fast time where our needs are huge. We want everything and we want it now. Therefore, we also need a mobile network that will make everything we want possible for us.

The fifth generation mobile network looks promising and seems quite revolutionary. If you are interested in what exactly 5g technology is and what is so special about it, keep reading.

What exactly is 5g technology?


During the process of technology development in the past few decades, various mobile networks have been developed, each of which has managed to go a step further than the previous one. In reality, that led to a better user experience, more features, convenience, and much more benefits compared to everything before. Thanks to each new version of the mobile network, our lives became easier and we got more and more options. And the same story goes for 5g.

It represents the fifth generation of the mobile network, which now provides new possibilities that are far ahead of everything we have had so far. The goal of 5g technology is to connect different devices, objects, industries. The point is to be more user-friendly, to make life easier for each person and to make a lot more things available to them. The overall performance is significantly improved compared to the 3g and 4g network, the reliability of the network is higher, as well as its efficiency.

Of course, the speed of data transfer is much higher, which is perhaps one of the biggest demands at this time in which we try to do as much as possible in the shortest possible time and we do not want to be limited by external factors, such as internet speed. 5g enables much faster data upload and download, which is basically something we all want and need. ZTE 5G provides you with all the latest news about 5g technology, so you can inform yourself and keep up to date with all the new knowledge about this hot topic.

What are the advantages of 5G technology:

There is more than one reason why 5g technology is so special and why we need it:

1. Higher speed


Although we are in the twenty-first century, in the era of highly developed technology, we still sometimes have to wait for hours for a video or movie to be downloaded or uploaded. This is very nerve-wracking and it seems like something we should have overcome. Well, the good news is that we are and that the 5g mobile network is finally overcoming this frustrating problem.

The new network shows even 10 times higher data transfer speed compared to its predecessor, the 4g mobile network. This means that our lives will be much easier and we will be able to do many more things at the same time, both online and offline.

2. Much higher network capacity


Another great advantage provided by 5g technology is the much higher network capacity. It has happened million times that the network crashed due to the load of a huge amount of information. This was pretty difficult to overcome, but 5g technology enabled a big shift. What we can expect now is the ability to connect thousands of different devices without any problems, and that will be more than beneficial for various industries and their development. And for a single person all this means one thing: a much easier life without too much waiting and any restrictions due to the low capacity of the network.

3. Lower latency


The time it took for the signal to travel from source to receiver and back was another obstacle that occurred with previous mobile networks. The parameter that measures this time is called latency and is significantly reduced by using 5g technology. Low latency combined with high data rates opens up great opportunities in the future and is a prerequisite for the expansion of many industries.

4. Is 5g technology safe?


Although nowadays you can hear various conspiracy theories related to 5g technology, scientific facts show that there is no reason to worry. The frequencies used to operate this network are very low and correspond to those we are used to due to the use of various devices operating at these frequencies (for example, microwave ovens).

Studies have shown that these waves do not penetrate deep into the skin and do not cause the harmful health effects that have been talked about so much. We definitely suggest that you pay close attention to where this information comes from: whether from real scientists or people on social networks who know nothing about the real facts.

5. Do I need a new phone in order to use the 5g network?


If you want to use a 5g mobile network, it is necessary to have a phone that supports it. This probably means that you will have to buy a new phone, but, as we mentioned, the benefits of 5g are huge, so it definitely pays to invest in a new device since it brings you much more. As 5g technology becomes more and more popular, you can expect different mobile phones on the market that will support this network.


Technology is evolving very fast, which means that over time we get more and more options and opportunities that change our lives from the bottom up. Although the fourth generation of the mobile network had satisfactory characteristics, there were many obstacles that needed to be overcome in order to make our lives easier and more practical and for different industries to have the opportunity to develop even more.

With 5g technology came a number of benefits, such as: much higher data rates, reduced latency, and higher network capacity. It is certain that the global introduction of the 5g mobile network will be a revolutionary step that will contribute to humanity in a great and significant way.