Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion USD in 2012, the platform has seen an ever-increasing growth in its users globally. Today, many famous international bands are using the visual social networking platform for marketing and brand awareness. Celebrities, artists, and Instagram influencers are engaged in an endless race for more and more followers

With commercialization and swelling profits, users are seeking innovative ideas to spread their follower base. Instagram followers can be increased with time and the right approach. In this article, we will explain some smart ways you can use to jumpstart your follower growth on Insta.

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Here are 9 mega tips to increase your organic followers:

Choose Your Niche and Ideal Audience

When you are managing an Instagram account, you are following a particular niche and should aim to target a specific audience to get the respect and applause you deserve.

For instance, if you are a fitness enthusiast, a graphics designer, or a travel blogger; your posts, descriptions, and each activity must be streamlined with the theme of your account.

Post the Most Compelling Stuff Only


Your content quality must be on top of the mark, according to Photos are edited, filtered, and touched according to need. Don’t forget that Instagram’s primary focus is still on photos. Choose the content that you think can make you stand out from the crowd and will grab at least alike from a person going through his/her feed at a fast pace.

You can use many free and paid photo editing tools and collage makers for your pictures. If you are mostly posting form your phone you can explore a ton of apps from play store and apple store for this purpose.

Post Consistently

As indicated by Gramvi, Instagram algorithm and your followers expect you to post regularly in order to get your Instagram page boosted as much as possible. The pattern in which you post matters a lot. Do not bombard posts in a burst rather nourish your followers with a consistent supply of content.

You can increase your followers by posting something when it is required or when fewer people are talking about it like on Sundays. Your photo will have a better chance of getting likes and shares when there is less stuff on that subject.

Keywords and #Hashtags


Keywords and hashtags can make your posts more searchable and can appear in feeds specific to that niche. Use hashtags specific to the theme of your account which complements your posts.

Hashtags used by top influencers can also make you visible in trends and are a good way to showcase yourself to new users. Use the hashtags appropriately as Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for a single post. To learn more about click hee.



Another simple way used by a lot of Instagrammers to grow their followers is Share for Share. Using S4S you can share the content of other users and they can share yours in return. This can introduce you to an entirely new group of people and increases the chances of following.

S4S works best if you can collaborate with someone who shares the same niche so that his/her followers have a similar taste. For example, comedians share each other’s posts and videos to entertain and fetch followers who are looking for funny videos.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways can attract the attention of everyday users and if executed properly can result in a huge leap in follower count and that too in a very short period. Giveaways combined with shoutouts, can accelerate engagement and get you notices by new users.

If you can organize a contest and ask followers to tag their friends, imagine the chain reaction it will trigger and the exposure you can receive. Giveaways can be anything like coupons, discounts, or freebies. Besides, it serves as marketing for your product as well (if you own a brand or simply promoting another company).

Seek Help From Influencers


Make with friends with established Instagram influencers with a good following. Persuade them to promote you and your product to gain more popularity. Influencers can introduce you, your skill, and work at a completely different level.

Sometimes you might have to give the influencers favors and incentives to appear on their page. If you have a product line you can offer them a sample for free and ask them to make an unboxing video or an honest review post.

Embrace Follower Generated Content

Treat user-generated content, remarks, and posts as a source of valuable feedback. You can learn from user experiences and bring about positive change in your content.

You can also share them from your account with your remarks and can tag other relevant people to convert feedback in a user appreciation post.

Use Other Social Platforms


To achieve more traffic and exposure you can try and import them from other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit and Tumblr.

Share the link to your Instagram account and posts on other social media posts and comments to direct new users to your Instagram account. You can add a link to your Instagram profile in the bio of other social media accounts as well.