A number of certification programs for different professionals are making rounds recently and professionals are looking forward to gain them to have better career. PMP is one such certification option for the professionals such as project managers. The certification is offered to such candidates who have completed their course and have passed out the exam based on the PMBOK Guide. This Guide has been offered by the Project Management Institute and it is a set of guidelines that are helpful for the candidates in understanding more about project management and related things.

The main aim of any project manager always remains to complete a project not only in time but with proper quality and also to maintain proper communication in between the team members as well as others such as the clients and the customers. The Guide from the PMP offers such training to the candidates so that they can be professionals in whatever they are doing. If the right channel is selected, the training is conducted with a serious note and a series of sessions can take place not only to train up the candidates in a better way but also to motivate them in becoming confident professionals.


The training is generally of 35 hours and it consists of various interactive training sessions. The training can be taken by the candidates as per convenience in different forms such as in class training, through e-learning options, or also through the virtual training methods. After the completion of the training, there are also different mock test sessions that the candidates can take up in order to practice more and gain a confidence to score high in the test. On getting the certification, the candidates are able to handle various complex projects in a convenient and are known to offer the best results.

Eligibility For The Course

If a candidates wishes to take up the PMP certification training, he or she needs to fulfill a few of the eligibilities. The course can be attended by both the candidates who have pursued higher secondary degree as well as those who have completed their Bachelor’s degree.

Candidates with the higher secondary degree need to have additional education of 35 hours in project management. Along with this, the candidate should also have an experience of 7500 hours in project management field.

On the other hand, candidates with the Bachelor’s degree should also have an additional education of 35 hours in project management. With the educational qualification, the candidates should also have an experience of 4500 hours in the field of project management.

Though candidates who have fulfilled these eligibility criteria can take up the certification training of PMP, but the training has been specially designed for some of the professionals. Some such professionals who should take up this training course are associate project managers, project coordinators, senior project managers, program managers, project managers, project analysts, team leaders, project sponsors, IT project managers, project leaders, and product managers. Apart from these special professionals, the training can be also taken by the project team members who wish to excel in PMP.


The Learning From The Course

The course is divided into various segments and these are an introduction to the PMP, Project management framework, project management processes, project integration management, project scope management, project schedule management, project cost management, project quality management, project resource management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, project stakeholder management, and ethics and professional conduct.

Based on the segments, there are various topics that are covered up in the course such as evolution of PMI, the structure of the PMP structure, program management, roles of a project manager, project life cycle, role of the project team, project selection methods, estimation, key terms in project cost management, tools of quality, motivation theory, basic model of communication, risk classification, different contract types, stakeholder register, code structure, and many others.

After taking up the whole training session, the candidates should be able to understand a lot of things about project management. Some of the important things learned by the candidates in the training are concept and terminologies, clear communication, best practices for project management, maintain budgets and schedules, mastering PMBOK, problem solving techniques, and also becoming a good leader.

Along with the training guide, there are a number of practice test sessions available that the candidates can go through and attempt to check the credibility score. Practicing these sessions can help the candidates in excelling course and getting confidence in passing out the exam in the best way. On completing the whole training and taking up the exam and passing it will soon fetch you with the PMP certification that is going to change your life in a number of ways. It is going to open new ways for you and offer you a better career ahead.


Should You Actually Take Up The Certification Training?

A number of candidates are still confused whether they should invest the money and take up the certification training or not. While there are many others on the other hand who have understood the important of the certification and have taken it and have even enjoyed the benefits of it. There are actually a wide range of benefits that the candidates are getting after getting the certification in PMP.

If you have decided that your goal is to excel in the field of PMP and make a career in this field itself, PMP is the exact thing that you should surely go for. Why is this? This is because PMP certification is high in demand and a number of companies all over the world are hiring candidates who are certified. So, if you are someone who is certified in the training course, there are high chances that you can be one of the candidates on the list of these big companies. The certification can offer you a high employment option and also a great option in getting promotion to senior position, in case if you get the certification while you are already working somewhere.

Not just you get a great position and a better career opportunity; you also get financially strong and job security. There is a demand of such PMP certified professionals in the markets and hence the companies will always wish you to be happy in the company. Hence, they will always pamper you to be in the company and for this they can also offer you a handsome salary in comparison to those who are not certified.

Now, how do all these happen? This happens because after taking up the certification training, you get more knowledgeable about the basics of project management. Such knowledge is going to help you in understanding even the complex of projects and working on them in a smoother way. Along with the basic knowledge of project management, the candidates also get trained up in a number of other skills such as communications and time management. These are extra strengths and hence they help you in becoming a professional in your field.


A number of companies also wish to hire certified candidates because they do not wish to spend money on training their employees. Also, a number of clients wish to prefer companies that have a certified team of workers. All these options make the companies to go for certified candidates. So, your chances of getting shortlisted in such a companies get higher after you have completed your certification training.

PMP is one of the best and renowned certification training courses across the globe by now. Due to the amazing benefits that it has been offering in the project management, a number of companies are willing to adapt to skills in their operations. This can be done only when the employees are trained in the course. This has become a reason that the companies are hiring candidates with a certification in PMP and this is opening up new ways of opportunities in front of individuals willing to take up the training.