Imagine you have been working hard on your website and business, only to lose it all due to piracy. Sadly, this is the case for lots of business owners. What is the result? Of course, this differs per case. But it’s imaginable that you would have to say goodbye to your hard work if worse comes to worst.

The more reason is to protect your business from such activities and start looking at anti-piracy protection. Are you wishing to know more about common forms of piracy? You can read it here.

Not every customer is a happy one

Unfortunately, not every customer has the best intentions of visiting your website. Some people are shopping or just orienting; others are looking for leaks in your website. Since the internet is primarily anonymous, it is hard to protect your business from someone you do not know.

Are you selling content? Are you the designer of (educative) videos, for example? Then protect your material from pirate copiers at all times. For example, you can only give them access to your materials for a short time. Always be aware of suspicious activity on your website.

It is highly recommended that products that are sensitive to copycats. In the worst-case scenario, someone has access to all your content and can sell them for a ‘better’ price.

Despite your best efforts, did you find illegal copies of your product? You can protect these by using a company committed to intellectual property protection.

The deep dark web


As you probably know, the internet can be a deep and dark place. As a result, some people might share misinformation about your products and company online. It unknowingly can cause your customers.

Especially when data is leaked, this can cause even more significant problems. Therefore, ensuring your website is protected against such (data) leaks is essential.

How to avoid illegal activities

With all the examples given in the paragraphs above, you are probably wondering what you can do to avoid piracy. The most critical thing is to remember that you require experts to have a look at your company.

Luckily, services are available that protect your brand and business from online piracy. Such companies are trained in analyzing your brand and providing valuable advice. Is your business affected by piracy? Then make sure to have a look at Explore their services and discover what they can do for your company.

That way, you’re assured of a piracy-free business, so you can get right back to the more important stuff and run your company.

Cyber lockers


The hosting sectors give free access to copyright infringers for data collection and store & share files illegally. Cyber lockers provide safe storage for different media files you can access through the internet anywhere in the world.

The hosting sector permits users to upload files to the hosting server and get a definite URL link that they can share. Cyber lockers can host content, both legally and pirated. But they uploaded content that makes it attractive to the digital pirates.

It is a complex task to detect the infringements in a cyber-lock. The fingers can make the system with proxy sectors and often build more links to fringe each file. So, you need to take it down and stop the source & prevent distribution.

Using a web proxy server is another way to prevent infringement. The most reliable web proxy server can block requests to known infringing websites. This action can help protect the cyber locker from copyright holders who may try to mass-download files from the locker in an attempt to overload the system.

Apps & Social Media

The apps may have pirated things, or they can imitate the original app intentionally through counterfeit apps. Here, you can mark the pirated content to detect them and restrict or stop it to prevent users from downloading them.

Social media is a prime sector for distributing channels for pirated content or other things. The piracy occurs on the social media channel platform and the open sites of digital pirates. Therefore, they can redirect the users or consumers from their social media accounts.

Search Engines & Hosting


Search engines provide source links to copyright content that can be legal or illegal. The wiser sector or anti-piracy protection section can detect them and mark them to delist from search output.

You will find shared hosting, dedicating hostings, and so many others in hosting services. The actual holders face digital piracy by using the hosting of illegal streaming sites. So, it would help if you were concerned about such hosting services to protect from digital piracy.


Though legal streaming is now more available, digital piracy still impacts audio recording, TV shows, sports & environmental industries that depend on live events. As legal streaming, online piracy is also. 80% of all piracy will be streaming in Europe.

Without any necessary to store and download content to show the streaming copyright content. It can be live or not. Digital piracy involves streaming through a URL link that they can telecast and enable users to access content illegally and without an account. For example, you can think of YouTube to understand better how easy it is.

However, YouTube platforms have content ID and live content ID tools that assist in marking pirated content and taking them down on time.

Digital content

Copyrighted content is a vital resource, and its protection can be essential to brands and businesses. Here, TV shows, movies, or video content come first in mind. You can face much more problems when online pirates distribute or share illegal copies of your actual content. It can hamper your marketing & sales strategy and revenue.

In some cases, the consumers may not understand the content is illegal. Then they see that your content is low-quality and gain poor experience. As a result, it affects more than your revenue and can lose your reputation or fame.

Final Words


Anti-piracy is a service sector that can monitor and resist unlawful online activities like the web, social media, and P2P sites for content. It has registration by the users of that anti-piracy software. Anti-piracy can make consumers aware when finding any illegal digital distribution.

Online piracy is increasing day by day with the latest technology. To stop digital piracy, you need to be aware of the problem. You have enough sources to deal with piracy but may not know about these sectors.

So, follow our above Anti-piracy protection tips to fight digital piracy!