Subscription boxes are available for just about any niche that might interest you, from cosmetics to meal kits and beyond. Subscription boxes are also marketed to save on products and get exclusive access to new products.

But is this marketing too good to be true? To start, it’s worth examining the craze of subscription boxes and whether their (sometimes) high price points are worth the access to new products.

People Are Buying Subscription Boxes Mainly for New Products

When surveyed, those who purchase subscription boxes usually cite getting access to new products as their primary motivator for signing up. Thus, their value for what you get is paramount in determining whether they are worth it, as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of your subscription box.

Subscription Boxes Give You a Rush

Getting a subscription box delivered has some positive, albeit temporary, benefits. It’s like receiving a present; it fills you with joy, anticipation, and excitement. Even though you are paying for the subscription, you still might not know precisely what you are getting, so there is still that element of surprise.

There’s some science behind this; it’s suspected that dopamine gets activated when you receive your subscription box, otherwise known as the happiness chemical of the brain.

Subscription Boxes Come Straight to You

Not everyone enjoys shopping, whether in physical stores or even online. Subscription boxes are a way to get a curated selection of products based on your interests, preferences, and personal attributes, among other things, all in a box, straight to your door. This can eliminate the need to shop for items you typically would have to otherwise.

Subscriptions Get Exclusive Discounts


Many consumers learn about a new subscription or subscription box opportunity because they hear about a discount offer from friends, family members, or even an influencer.

Those who sign up can expect to be offered additional discounts at some point. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a very effective incentive to give in and sign up for that subscription box you’ve been considering.

Subscription Boxes Save You Money, Sometimes

Depending on what type of subscription box you receive, you might be saving some money on everyday items. It seems that beauty and personal care products offer the best deals when received in subscription box forms. However, they seem to be the worst deals for clothing and other fashion-related boxes. Head over to Review Geek for more information on subscription boxes.

Subscription Boxes Can Be Pricey


Once again, the type of subscription box you purchase may be too costly for its perks. This can be said for some meal kits and personal styling services. The deals offered by them might include incentives and heavy discounts, but they are generally much more expensive than the original costs and could leave a dent in your pocket.

If you are willing to take the risk and are keen to try out new products, then subscription boxes are the perfect option for you. Many times, various items are clubbed together and are termed as a one time deal.

It becomes important to note that this is only a business tactic used by the various subscription box providers to increase their market and gain more and more customers, which would result in maximized profits.

Are these boxes really worth the hype?

The various subscription boxes available in the market are of course very tempting and promise to offer a lot to the users and subscribers. But usually, they eventually tend to lose their shine and impact. There are a few things that you should keep in mind whilst signing up for a subscription.

  • Some subscriptions would charge you for the whole year in advance. They have a brilliant plan devised to appear very cheap on the outside, but in hindsight, they would be charging you way more than you should be paying.
  • Secondly, they can be very uncertain about everything. The products might not be of any use to you and would end up as clutter in your home. It, thus, becomes very important to invest some time and do some research about the brand you want to subscribe to.
  • Privacy risks involved with the regular deliveries from the same brand could not be overlooked. Hackers have easier access to your records and sensitive information, as the private companies and businesses do not provide better safety protocols that are followed by the other major online shopping sites.

You can check here to get help related to unsubscribing various subscription boxes.

Products Received Versus Products Used


Even when subscription boxes save you money on new products or give you exclusive access to new products, none of it matters if you aren’t using the products. Unfortunately, when surveyed, as many as 35% of people say they haven’t used all the products they’ve been sent.

Meal kits like Hello Fresh typically get used the most, while technology-based boxes get used the least.

So Are Subscription Boxes Worth the Access to New Products?

Some subscription boxes can be worth it when they give consumers new products that they will use as part of their daily or weekly routine. For example, pet subscription boxes like Barkbox are the most popular, utilizing new products and the best deals.

The same can be said with personal care boxes, including beauty or skincare products like Ipsy, personal hygiene, and hair. These items can be costly regardless and can be challenging to shop for. However, with these boxes, the company does the work for you to pick products based on what’s new and what you need.

Ultimately, each subscription box has its perks and downfalls, but they will most likely continue to be popular, especially those that offer high value for the best products. Although people are tightening their budgets due to the ongoing pandemic, some may cancel their memberships while opting into the ones with the best bargains.


Whether you like them or not, subscription boxes have become excessively popular ever since its launch in 2010. These are surprise boxes, filled with different products, which are sold and sent out by the sellers and distributors on regular intervals in exchange for a monthly or annual fee.

The products are vastly ranged and could be anything depending on the company or the brand in question. They target a certain category of people, and thus, make it an effective business model. These boxes are great means of shopping for the ones who are not sure what to buy or are not quite fond of shopping.

Usually, people opt for subscription boxes to try out the new cosmetics launched in the markets, along with different snacks and accessories. People are advised to check their monthly budgets before subscribing to any monthly fee and make decisions accordingly.

Additionally, do not get lured in easily by the various offers and discounts offered by the various brands and deals on their products. At the end of the day, it becomes your call to decide whether to opt for a subscription box or not.