As we all know, we live in an era of technology. And most of our kids are affected by it as well. They tend to spend a lot of time in front of the TV or mobile screen. But, distracting them from the screens is easier said than done. You might be wondering what might help with that? Well, the answer is quite simple. Toys that will be able to distract them from technology and flex their brains could be the solution. Creative toys and play can help children improve cognitive skills, problem-solving, as well as boost critical thinking and self-expression.

However, you should not limit the creative play to arts, crafts, and toy boxes. Toys that boost children’s imagination or toys that encourage role play are also good for brain development as a set of painting equipment. There are various creative toys to choose from, but some lose their freshness quickly. The best creative toys to buy are the ones that kids will want to play with, over and over again.


Here is a list of toys that kids keep coming back to, rather than the ones they lose interest in quickly:

  1. 3D Doodler – this is the first wireless 3D printing pen and it is magnificent. This toy will be interesting for children of different ages and creative abilities. It will be able to keep them entertained for hours. Children can play with this toy without adult supervision since it runs on low temperatures, so it will be quite safe for your children to play with it. It comes with a booklet, which will help kids by inspiring creative ideas.
  1. The Kitchen Science Cookbook – this book was written by a nanoscientist Dr. Michelle Dickinson, and it is a cookbook, but with an interesting twist. It is full of interesting science experiments that you can try at home. The ingredients needed are probably the ones you already have in your kitchen. This particular toy entertained adults, as much as it did entertain the children.
  1. Virtuali-Tee – technically, this is more a T-shirt than it is a toy, but it kept teenagers occupied for a long time. It uses 3D learning and augmented reality to teach kids of all ages about the respiratory and digestive systems, as well as the circulation of the human body, which are shown in 3D videos. Kids can even measure their heart rate and visualize their heart beating with augmented reality.
  1. Magnetykes – Magnetykes, an Award-winning magnet toy with the comic book, are robot-like figurines which come to life by the power of magnetism. Their arms, heads, and legs are movable and each of them has their own magnetic vehicle, as well as a background story, told in a comic book form. Children can use a magnetic wrench to pick up characters and vehicles, launch the vehicles across the floor or table by using the wrench and spin the characters like a fidget spinner. It provides hours of endless fun for kids and they will be able to learn about magnetism as well.
  1. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker Set – sometimes, the old-fashioned creative toys are the best. This set comes with all the equipment you might need and it will provide kids with endless possibilities in making ice cream.
  1. Botley The Coding Robot – this little robot will teach logical problem-solving skills in a fun and creative way. It is perfect for introducing children to code without the need for screens. Younger children, as well as older ones, can learn basic coding commands and it will hold the attention of your little ones for hours. There is also the possibility of moving on to advanced coding once they master the basic ones.


This list only contains a few from thousands of creative and fun toys for your children. The kids will be inspired by the toys and they will be able to develop certain cognitive skills. All of these toys require minimal adult supervision, so parents will be grateful to have some time for themselves while their kids are mesmerized by these toys.