If you are interested in providing sports teams, organizations, and other corporations with medals and trophies, a custom medal and trophy business might be the things for you. Starting a company like this one can be done quite quickly and it is quite easy if you have the right plan. In this article, you will be able to read about what steps you should take to start a business like this. Let’s take a look:

Step 01: Apply for a Business License 

Most cities and states require all retail businesses such as this one to be licensed. You should contact the local or state government and obtain a business license application package. The entire process will vary from state to state and it can be quite detailed. If you get stuck with the application process or if you do not have time to finish it, you can hire an attorney that will help you.


Step 02: Choose a Business Model 

There are various ways to sell medals and trophies and you should brainstorm what are the best ways to go about serving your market. To sell to your immediate marker, a workshop and storefront are ideal. You should find a space that is large enough to install a showroom, service counter, and an area to work. If you want to sell to a broader customer base, a drop-ship model is suitable, especially if your budget is tight. With this model, you simply sell the products from your website and customers receive the products directly from the supply warehouse.

Step 03: Choose a Product Line 

Most sports teams and organizations are looking for quality and fair prices when shopping for trophies. Some people might want cheap products, while others might be looking for custom medals and solid metal awards. You should research the market and find out what your targeted market is likely to purchase. Ask around, mail surveys, and do whatever you can to find out how to serve the market properly.

Many people and organizations are willing to pay a premium for high-end, personalized trophies that are made to their specifications. Giving the awards a more distinctive feel and increasing their significance for the recipients by providing a wide range of customization options, such as custom shapes and heights, colors, and options for engraving, will enable you to draw in a wide customer base and establish a flourishing business in this industry. You can increase your chances of success by offering a variety of high-quality customizable products in addition to personalized trophies, like medals and plaques, in order to appeal to a wider customer base.

Step 04: Sign up with a Wholesaler 

There is a wide range of trophy and medal wholesale companies and you should contact them, as well as go through the necessary process to become a registered dealer. You might be required to use your company credit card or pay a deposit before the supplier gives you the credit.


Step 05: Create a Marketing System 

According to the experts from, you will be more successful in selling to clients that might buy large amounts of medals and trophies at a time. You should call schools, sports teams, larger organizations, and government agencies – anyone that might often give awards to their employees, students, or players. If you do a good job in marketing your products to these organizations, it is likely that they will keep returning to you. Also, you should implement customized awards and engraved products such as business card holders, nameplates, and paperweights. This will attract a lot of customers and you might get referrals.


As you can see, it is not difficult to start a medal and trophy business, all you will have to do is make a steady business plan and you will be good to go. The steps from this article can help you make the whole process easier, less time-consuming, and overwhelming.