For those who are aspiring to become an electrician in California or going for renewal of their existing licenses, there are California electrical certification online classes conducted by several education providers.

According to a publication by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California has one of the highest employment levels for electricians in the U.S. The average wage of electricians is also good, although the wages vary according to location, experience, and other factors. BLS also projected a higher-than-average growth of electrician’s salary between 2019 to 2029.

Due to the situation of COVID-19, applicants are permitted to avoid in-person classes and complete the entire course online.

Benefits of the online classes:

The classes comply with the state law


You will have the legal permit to perform electrical works in California and the classes have the same course structure as regular classroom lessons.

The class timings are convenient and flexible

If you are working somewhere either part time or full time, the timings would be convenient for you. You can attend the classes at night and from the comfort of your home.

The online classes are inexpensive and would not be an additional financial burden. At, the 32-hour electrical course costs approximately $ 169. You can check their website for further details. The company is registered with the ECU (Electrician Certification Unit) and their CE courses are approved by a community college as suitable for CE certification.

Comprehensive program


The programs consist of the basic and advanced lessons suitable for the basic as well as the intensive state exams.

You can select the specific classes that you want

You have the option to choose the order and progress of your classes and pick up the classes in which you need instructions or particular study materials.

Advantage of getting hands-on instructions


One or two hands-on workshops are also included in the course. The workshops are conducted usually on Saturdays so, they do not clash with your work timings.

Other advantages

The program would be suitable if you work during the day and join the classes and complete your course work during the evenings. If you are self-driven and want to set your own pace of learning instead of a rigid routine, the online program would be good for you. If you are comfortable with technology-based instructions, you will enjoy the online classes.

To get started you simply have to choose a suitable course and enroll with an online provider of your choice. You will find the below features in an online module:

  • Support provided through videos to make sure that your smartphone, desktop, tab or laptop and the existing software can accommodate the online programs.
  • There would be an enrollment confirmation letter. You have to maintain a copy of the same as proof that you have enrolled for a state-approved electrical certification program.
  • You may order your study materials online. Also, go through the minimum points required for passing the exams and the number of hours of online lessons that is mandatory for a particular topic.
  • Check the timeline for completing a course in terms of days, weeks or months and proceed to the next, advanced courses.

You have to make sure that you have filled up the state registration form. You should take care to mention the registration number of your education provider in it. You have to attach a copy of the enrollment letter from your provider with the form and mail both to the concerned state government office address as per requirement. Also, check the state registration fees that you have to pay.

Eligibility criteria for electrical workers

  • You must get through the California Electrician Certification Exam. Additionally, you have to complete a 32-hour continuous education (CE) course when you renew your license every three years.
  • Register as an Electrical Trainee (ET) with the state
  • You should be supervised by a California State certified electrician if you are working on the job sites.

There is an official site of the government of California where you will find the list of education providers approved by the California Department of Resources (DIR) and Electrical Certification Unit (ECU). You can also call up the State Certification Unit at the phone number provided to get the details. The approved education providers are categorized into:

  • Electrical trainee schools
  • Federal or state apprenticeship programs
  • Other approved continuing education providers having a contract with a California public educational institute.

You can also get information about online schools for electricians through online knowledge-providing sites, colleges, and other organizations. For becoming a journeyman electrician, you have to complete an apprenticeship and get a license from the state or attend a trade school.

An education provider can be

  • A community college
  • Public school
  • District or public educational institute
  • State licensed private institute having a contract with a public institute
  • A private institute that is approved or is registered by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education

Some online sites provide free electrical online courses along with certificates, but they would be rare to find. Also, you need to check whether their courses have been approved by the state. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time.

Details about the CE Course


We have come up with a package course of 32 hours of CE. You can check for the letter of approval provided by the Department of Industrial Relations, which is usually available on their websites. As required by the state of California, the course should include:

  • The changes in NEC as incorporated in 2017
  • Safety measures related to High-Voltage and Arc-Flash Hazard
  • Lessons on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) implemented in 1926
  • Management of Liability and Risk
  • Course on Marketing and Sales
  • Concepts of Professionalism
  • An Idea about Business Contracts

The California electrical certification online classes are conducted by many institutes for the convenience of students. Since the certificate is also issued online, you can take printouts or save them in your system. The benefits are that the courses are affordable, and you can access the lessons online and complete the tests without compromising on your regular work.

A CE course focused on innovative tools and practices for electricians could be highly beneficial. It covers various topics and skills related to modern electrical work and contracting. You’ll learn how to customize a contract template for electricians for specific projects. This customization includes adjusting the contract terms according to factors like the project’s size, complexity, and specific requirements.

Additionally, the process involves incorporating provisions that address unique scenarios, such as emergency repairs or design changes that might arise during the project’s course. This tailored approach ensures that the contract accurately reflects each project’s distinct characteristics and potential challenges.

Choosing a Continuing Education (CE) course involves a step-by-step process to ensure that the course you select aligns with your career aspirations and learning needs. Recognize your objectives and pinpoint any particular skill deficiencies you aim to rectify. Following that, conduct thorough research into the array of courses provided by respected educational establishments or digital learning platforms. Take into account elements like the course material, syllabus, and how the content is delivered. Verify the legitimacy and reputation of the course, and evaluate the expertise of the educators. Additionally, integrate the MS 700 exam, along with Examlabs VCE, as a crucial component of your learning journey, as they hold significant importance for enhancing your professional capabilities.

Reading student reviews and feedback can offer insights into the course quality. Consider the cost, potential certification, and ease of access to materials. Evaluate networking opportunities and, once you’ve decided, complete the registration process. Remember, choosing the right CE course is an investment in your professional growth and expertise.