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CCNA, also known as the Cisco Certified Network Association, is one of the most reputable IT certifications all around the globe. The said certificate is issued by the networking hardware company named Cisco.

As it is considered one of the most famous certifications in IT, it is also challenging to acquire. You have to pass one exam to acquire the certificate. To prepare for this exam, people use various ways.

Some collect study material using the internet. Some look for authentic websites that can help them prepare for the exam. There are various websites available that can help you provide dumps that can be a great asset for you when you prepare.

Candidates usually use online sources to get all the help they want. For example, you can visit

In this article, you will find some helpful information about the certification. The information will include the cost of the exam, recertification, etc.

What is the cost of a CCNA exam?

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The cost of the CCNA exam is $300, exclusive of tax. Now, Cisco allows you to buy the exam through its learning credits. Different companies purchase these credits, and their employees can use them to get the certification.

Therefore, if you yourself cannot pay for the test, you should talk to the seniors at your workplace. Then, if they see a number of people who want to get the certification, they will buy the credit. This way, all you have to do is prepare for the exam.

What is the syllabus for the exam?

The 200-301 CCNA test is a 120-minutes long test. It will test your knowledge of different areas of information technology. The test is offered in two languages – English and Japanese. Given below is a breakdown of the CCNA test.

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  • Network fundamentals – this topic makes up 20% of your test. It consists of network components such as network topology architecture, IPv4 and IPv6 configurations, IP Parameters, to name a few.
  • Network access- this topic makes up 20% of your exam. Some of the components included are Interswitch connectivity, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol Operations, AP modes, wireless LAN access, etc.
  • IP connectivity – it makes up 25% of your test. It includes components such as routing tables, configuring and verifying IPv4 and IPv6 static routing, etc.
  • IP services – it makes up 10% of your test. Some of the components that this topic includes are per-hop behavior, use of SSH, configuring & verifying NAT and NTP, etc.
  • Security fundamentals – this makes up 15% of your exam. It includes security concepts such as mitigations and threats, layer two security features, wireless security protocols, to name a few.
  • Automation and programmability – this makes up 10% of your exam. The concepts it includes are a comparison of traditional networks with controller-based networks, interpretation of JSON data, and automation concepts.

How to prepare for the exam?

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Now that you have your syllabus in front of you, it will be easier to start preparing. Like every other exam you prepare for, you need proper study material for CCNA. There are various ways of acquiring this study material.

For starters, you can visit Cisco’s website and find out the books they have recommended. You should then buy those books and start preparing using them. This is because these books will contain all the information that you require to pass the exam.

Apart from this, you should explore the internet and find some study material (it is widely available online). However, you should ensure that the websites that you use to acquire the material are authentic. Therefore, it is best if you use Cisco’s official website.

You can also find various practice exams online. These practice exams are essential for your preparation process. This is because these are made in the same pattern as a CCNA exam. Therefore, they allow you to time yourself. Moreover, they help you understand the type of questions you will get in your exam.

Furthermore, when you complete your syllabus, it is always best to solve the practice tests in an exam setting. This way, you can practice your time management. Also, you can figure out the topics where you lack. Thus, you can put special hard work into those topics.

How to acquire a CCNA certification?

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For you to acquire the certificate, you have to appear for the 200-301 CCNA exam. To appear for this exam, there are no prerequisites. However, it is recommended if you have some of the following experiences.

Cisco states that candidates who have experience of 1 year or more in implementing and using Cisco products and solutions do better than the rest of the candidates. Furthermore, Cisco states it is better if candidates have some basic knowledge of addresses and some basic knowledge of network fundamentals.

These things are not necessarily needed. However, if you have these skills, you can do better in your exam as compared to those who don’t have these skills.

The courses and training for CCNA

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When preparing for a CCNA exam, you will find various courses that are available online. These courses will help you prepare for your exam. Also, if you check at your local community college, you might find some courses for CCNA being offered there as well.

One of the most authentic courses that you can take to prepare for your exam is implementing and administering solutions that Cisco offers. This course is made to assist you in passing the CCNA exam. The cost for this course is $800.

Other than this, there are various other courses available online. You have to look for them and try to find some on an authentic website. This way, you will stay safe from any scams coming your way.

To wrap it up!

Summing it up, the CCNA exam can help you excel in the field of Information Technology. It can help you get the job of your dreams anywhere in the world. All you have to do is pay for it, prepare for it, and acquire it!