Supply chain management software is an application used in managing the company’s supplier relationships, supply chain, and business activities related to the same. It aims to enhance the company’s performance on matters in and around the supply chain. The supply chain is a set of steps useful in transforming raw materials into final goods. The process is straightforward and relatively simple for some businesses. In others, it is a different narrative. Regardless, every supply chain has to get managed effectively to enhance productivity.

Supply chain is the process by which organizations modify their supply chain to be efficient and cost-effective. In today’s world, where technology has taken center stage, supply chain management processes have been made easier by the supply chain management software.

What is supply chain management software?


It is a technological advancement tool that significantly minimizes the costs incurred from creating, shipping, insuring, and storing the products a company is yet to sell. Supply chain management software such as Logility, avails you with optimized planning and advanced analytics to allow your business achieve a competitive advantage.

The supply chain management software can effectively solve every process of the supply chain. Each of these has a couple of specific tasks, most of which have particular software.

Since most organizations that carry out supply chain integration get integrated with other business systems, they get used alongside financial account payables, account deliverables, and company general ledger.

Features of supply chain management software

Supply chain management software has a lot of features. They include: inventory optimization, return management, order management, supplier relationship management, forecasting and planning, and warehouse management. Others are: integrated business planning, inventory optimization, supply optimization, and Integration and master data management.

Let us discuss some:

Inventory management

Supply chain management software allows businesses to track the availability of raw materials, asset management, reduce inventory, automate merchandise planning and increase service levels.

Order management


With supply chain management software, companies can easily track and generate their purchase orders, simplify demand management across your business’ global market, configure products and automate merchandise pricing.


With a supply chain management software, businesses can work on their transportation channels, how they deliver products, and distribute according to market demand to improve customer satisfaction.

Return management

The supply chain management software helps to deal with issues surrounding return management. Such include inspecting damaged products, handling customer complaints, and dealing with their refunds and insurance claims.

Processing of customers’ requirements


With a supply chain management software, you can optimize material production, monitor their availability, consider replenishment planning, thereby enhancing customer requirements. With such software, sensing and responding to changing market dynamics become seamless, and you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Supplier relationship management

Companies can utilize supply chain management software to gain access to the assets of the best suppliers in the market. They can benefit from their capabilities and compare the company’s strategies together.

Warehouse management

With supply chain management software, businesses can process their transactions efficiently. All these are aimed to support the company’s warehouse management system effectively.



Businesses can streamline and fully automate all the processes revolving around making purchases, payables, and sourcing. This can be possible by utilizing procurement softwares similar to

Supply chain management software can incorporate an innovative blend of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. These processes allow for acceleration of cycle times, automation of planning, improvement of operations performance, increase precision and deliver greater visibility to your business.

Forecasting and planning

With supply chain management software, a company can perform customer demand predictions, forecast production activities, and automate planning.

The perks of supply chain management

Reduce costs


Most businesses are always looking for ways to minimize their operating costs. It helps to increase their profits. With a supply chain management software, you can analyze each procurement procedure in an in-depth manner. The process detects and eliminates all the waste and unnecessary costs.

When a business works on this, they make the necessary adjustments and corrections. That maximizes profits.  With supply chain management software, all errors along the supply chain get eliminated, costs get minimized, and productivity around the business is enhanced.

Better inventory management

With a supply chain management software, your products do not have to wait in the warehouse for months. You can effortlessly book sales when the item is not available or when production is taking place.

That helps you to control your inventory and automate planning. From the production aspect, you can effortlessly estimate how much product you need to produce. That eliminates the case of excessive production and, therefore, better management of inventory.

Increase report accuracy

Accuracy of reports is critical for any mind of business. From the number of items produced to those sold. Those available in the warehouse, all this information is crucial.

The accuracy of these reports is useful for efficient decision-making in the business. They also help the management to make future predictions regarding their production.

Eliminate delay time


Delay can occur when communication between departments gets strained. It may be as a result of a lack of synchronized information. If this is unmended, it may lead to grave consequences such as delays in shipments, logistical errors, and production processes. That will have a direct impact on your organization. It can take away customer’s trust, which will cripple your business.

A suitable supply chain management software such as logility will assist reduce these errors by synchronizing data in one central place. It also helps to streamline communication between departments and improve trust levels with customers. And enhance collaboration in the business.

Raise profit levels

With reliable supply chain software such as logility, your business’s collaboration and visibility will improve. That helps to increase the business’ output, which in turn leads to profits.

Increase productivity

Finally, another perk of supply chain management software is the increased productivity of staff. Due to the increase in cooperation and coordination between vendors, suppliers, and shipping companies, communication gets streamlined.

Also, the software makes it effortless to create strategies for distribution and assists produce better reports.