Does your company card look boring and generic? When you were designing them, you were probably listening to the advice that everyone gives to the owners. Make sure you keep things simple and only include important information. Yes, you want to make sure they are easy to read and straight to the point. But, this does not mean that your design is boring.

Also, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creative at all. Many make the mistake of making it simplistic, but they add too much of their creativity to it. Even expert designers can make this sort of mistake. The reason is quite simple, they get too artistic. Most people do not appreciate this approach, and, quite frankly, they do not comprehend it in the same manner.

One way you can bring excitement and character to these is through embossing. This is the process of raising areas so that certain text or pictures can stand out. Let’s take a closer look at five reasons why you should consider using an embossing service for your company cards. We do not have any doubt you will find them particularly interesting and informative.

1. Make the Name Recognizable


The first thing people need to know is your company’s name. The name should be a combination of a couple of approaches. The main one is that it should be catchy. Also, you need to make it interesting, and the third one is it should be simplistic. Encompassing all of these into one is not always easy. In fact, it can be quite hard sometimes.

Besides that, presenting it properly is easily the second-most significant thing. So, this is the main detail that makes them more relevant than most. How can you do this? Well, you want to change the font and size as a start. But, you can also make it exciting by using an embossed design.

This raises the business name from the card and makes it different from all of the other details. Think about whether it is possible to do it with an existing name. If not, maybe you should consider rebranding in the future. While this is not something that will happen most of the time, not considering this change might turn out to be quite problematic in the future.

Thus, a stamped title can change everything. It can create a cool 3D design that none of your competition has, which will make you interesting to customers. According to ipw1, it can be just what you need to make a good first impression. When you think about it, this statement makes a lot of sense.

By sharing these, a lot of people will become genuinely interested in what you have to offer them. It’s not uncommon to see many people out there making a judgment just by taking a look like these. Naturally, the word about your firm will spread faster than light if you do this as carefully and smartly as you should.

For instance, customers are going to know that you go the extra mile. They are more likely to remember your business name too since it is in front of them. That’s the relevance of the things we have mentioned previously, and not taking advantage of this might haunt you in the future. Taking necessary actions to prevent problems is always a positive thing, don’t you think?

2. Allow Your Logo to Jump Out from the Page

Do you feel like your logo does not immediately stand out on your company’s card? Perhaps this is due to the colors or the basic design Well, instead of starting from scratch and going through an expensive rebranding, you could try changing the way it is presented on paper. In other words, you can emboss the logo to cause it to jump off the page.

Not only that this will be good under your fingers, but it can also make a great impact on the overall design. Even though we are not talking about something that hasn’t been done before, we do not believe that enough designers appreciate this approach. Another reason why this is an important thing to take into consideration is that the title will be spotted instantly.

Everyone looks at a brand’s logo and often, they will judge you based on its design. So, if you add a fun element to the logo, this can make all the difference. It can make you feel better about your brand logo and decoration can make things pop when you need them to. At the same time, you need to understand that this is not the best approach in some situations.

You can presume what we are talking about at the moments when there are already enough elements on the card. So, adding some more can’t result in a positive outcome. Instead, it can just create confusion in the eyes of the observer.

3. Add an Interesting Texture


A lot of people focus on what a business card looks like. Of course, the design is important and you want it to immediately grab someone’s attention and impress them. But, do not forget to think about other important elements.

For example, think about the fact that someone is touching and holding them in their hands. This is something that you can take advantage of. Namely, you can add a different and interesting surface to the card. This is going to be memorable for someone and make it intriguing.

Maybe you can even consider some interesting materials. Probably the biggest trend out there is to create cards out of hemp. Not only that this material interesting, but it can be recycled, which also makes an additional positive impact on the environment.

This is exactly what embossing is going to do. It will allow part of your corporate card to be raised, which you are going to be able to feel with your fingers. Something as simple as this style can make it more engaging and make people curious about what you have in your locker.

4. Ensure Customers Do Not Forget You

We all know that the purpose of a card is to share all of your important details. You want that person to contact your corporate and follow up after a conversation or even an event. So, you should include details like your business name, logo, address, and other contact details.

But, if this is all you include on your cards, customers and potential clients are going to forget you. Unless they are interested in what you do, you have given them a boring card with simple text. You are forgettable, and being forgettable is not something the world of business will not forgive.

You need to create a design that is one-of-a-kind, exciting, and memorable. If you are not sure how to do this, embossing can be a design element you add to them. It is not very common and it adds something different. People will notice these small details and the effort you have made.

5. To Be Excited About Your Business


Let’s not forget the major reason why you should consider decorating these. It is so that you can love your solutions. When you feel good and are exciting about these, this energy is going to transfer to the person you are handing them out to.

For example, if you receive a card from someone that is downcast and then they hand over something boring, you are going to feel this. But, if someone is passionate and upbeat and they are excited to hand you their cards, this gives you a good impression. You want to find out more.

Therefore, consider embossing so that you can love the materials you are creating. Your enthusiasm and passion can go a long way when it comes to speaking to new customers. It is possible to transfer this energy by sharing these cards.

In Conclusion

Promoting your business is one of the cornerstones of growth. You cannot get new customers if people do not hear about you, right? That’s why business cards are staying relevant, despite all the modern technology we are surrounded by. When you add embossing to the mix, you can hope only for positive things to come in the future.