If you are here reading this article, I assume that you have seen what is currently going on with the cryptocurrency market and especially Bitcoin. Right now, at the time of writing, one bitcoin equals 22,800 United States dollars. That is a whole lot of money for just one virtual coin. And, it seems like this trend will continue on forward. So, bitcoin exploded, but what are the other tokens that might explode in 2024? If you managed to grab one of those tokens before its rise, you might make a lot of money.

However, predicting which token is going to be the next bitcoin is almost impossible. If it was possible, everyone will be rich. But, that is not the case. The only thing we can do is speculate. With the information we have, we can predict which currency might see the light of day in 2024. We can also predict just how far the value might rise.

Although, again, these are just predictions and anything could happen during the end of 2024 or in the next year. I do hope that some of the speculations might be true.

1. Bitcoin


No matter how many alternatives there are to this cryptocurrency and no matter how better or more interesting the sound, we simply cannot ignore the fact that Bitcoin is currently dominating the market. Almost $23,000 for just one point is incredible. Just seven or eight months ago, that same coin was valued at around $3000. That kind of increase is what makes this currency amazing and the fact that the bubble still has not burst even after half a year.

Of course, this is what makes Bitcoin so risky. It has value could drop at any moment from $20,000 down to less than $10,000. The risk is higher, but so is the potential to make some serious money.

Currently, the second-highest value on the market is Ethereum at just $580. When you consider the difference in value, it can be hard not to consider that Bitcoin might explode even further in 2024.

2. Ripple – XRP


Even though Bitcoin seems so alluring right now because of its $23,000 price tag, it makes it impossible to invest in it for the average person. If you want to buy several of those tokens, you will need to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not everyone has that kind of money. Thankfully, tokens such as Ripple are much more affordable. More affordable, but with the potential to reach thousands of dollars.

Ripple has been around for a long time on the market. It’s active since 2013 and that is probably why so many people have high hopes that its value will considerably increase in 2024. Currently, Ripple is one of the most commonly used alternative financial payment systems. So, it makes sense why it could explode in 2024.



These days, I have noticed an increase in tokens that still have not been released on the market. This kind of system works a little bit differently than what we are used to with regular currencies. Instead of directly investing your money for the token, you would be investing your money into a decentralized finance protocol.

One of the more popular such protocols these days is CLEVER that supplies the CLVA token. Currently, there is no supply for CLVA. As you can see on Clever Defi’s Website, there is a countdown on when the minting period will start. That is the day when the Tokens will release into the market and you will have complete control over them. You would also be getting an 11% compound interest that is paid every fortnight.



TRON, the blockchain-based decentralized operating system was introduced somewhere in 2017. At the time, this idea was not very widely accepted. Although, not many people even knew what a cryptocurrency is. But, as the popularity of the market started to rise, so did the popularity of TRON.

Right now, TRON seems like a great place to invest your money. Mostly because they have managed to form partnerships with a lot of large corporations. Even Samsung has a partnership with TRON. As time passes, the number of those high-profile partnerships is increasing every day. In other words, the potential for TRX is slowly on the rise.

The best thing about it is the fact that you could probably buy thousands of TRX for a small amount of cash. If this token ever does explode in 2024, you could make some serious money out of it.

Right now, the value of one TRX is quite low, under one dollar, but at least it is very consistent. There is no volatile history or any large spikes or drops. So, even if it does not succeed in 2024, at least your invested money will be safe.

5. Monero – XMR


Right now, from all the top-rated cryptocurrencies on the market, XMR or Monero seems to be the ones with the most potential. A lot of experts on the matter claim that Monero will see considerable gains in value during 2024. Of course, nothing is certain, but if so many experts believe this, it is probably very possible.

Either way, we cannot ignore the fact that the value of this token doubled in less than one year. Of course, that is nowhere near as impressive as what happened to the number one leader on the charts, but I think that we can all agree that Bitcoin is quite an extreme case. I do not think that we should expect any other currency to follow in the steps of bitcoin.

If you want a more safe investment, the XMR tokens might be your answer. The price per token does not change very regularly and it is on a constant rise for almost a year. Maybe you should consider it.

If you do some research, you will find thousands of different tokens on the market, but I believe that these five I mentioned above are the ones with the biggest and most interesting potential for 2024.

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