There are numerous scholarships out there for those looking for it. Such funding is the only lifeline some students get to study in college. However, you do not get a scholarship without effort. Some criteria can make a person qualified for a scholarship. These qualifications vary for each course. Additionally, the subsidized amount can also be different depending on your sponsorship.

Sponsorships are primarily available for people that study IT and STEM courses. Nonetheless, there are several bursaries for students who wish to study design and creative technology courses.

This article will discuss available design and creative technology scholarships. You will also know what is a scholarship? How is the money awarded and what can you spend it on? Main criteria? Who can receive scholarships for design major? And the most important – what are available scholarships in 2023. If you’re curious in receiving answers to these questions and considering design major – be welcome to read that article.

ASID Foundation Legacy Scholarship

This sponsorship allows you to get up to $4,000 in support. Anyone can get this award by enrolling in an interior decoration course as a senior or junior student. However, you must possess some requirements to stand a chance to win the prize. These requirements are highlighted below.

  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 years of interior design course.
  • You must possess an outstanding academic record.
  • Furthermore, you should have an excellent personal record.
  • Application is open between February to April of each year.

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Joel Polsky Academic Achievement Award

The Joel Polsky scholarship covers both undergraduate and graduate students, but you have to be enrolled in an accredited American college to qualify. As an interior design student, you stand a chance to get up to $5,000 in scholarship support for your research project. Like most research-based scholarships, your project should be tailored to a specific goal. This award requires a focus on design or wellness in your thesis for it to be reviewed. In addition, the end product can be in the form of videos, blogs, articles, or books.


And this is true, the scholarship givers follow the result. No one will give scholarships just like that, without realizing their benefits in this. They will follow your projects during your studies and also your final result. That’s why scholarships are not as easy as they may seem, they are a responsibility that helps you get an education.

Irene Winifred Eno Grant

This grant focuses on welfare, safety, health, and related fields. The idea is to support students looking to study any of these branches of design. Unlike other awards, this scholarship is open to a wide range of individuals. You can apply for this grant if you are:

  • An educator.
  • A student.
  • A practicing interior designer.
  • An institution or another interior design group.

As you can see, you do not have to be a student to benefit from this grant. The main aim of this award is to encourage the best minds to push towards success in this sector. Suppose you are eligible and win the prize. In that case, you will get $5,000 towards a project or plan in any eligible category.

The Jim Boyce Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship has a wide range. As such, you can apply for this scholarship if you are enrolled in an interior decoration course or other programs. Some eligible programs include civil engineering, architecture, construction management, and related courses. In addition, students can apply as long as they are enrolled in accredited decorating degree programs within the country. Interior decoration learners should have a high GPA of at least 2.5. In addition, you should show genuine interest in the course and possess an outstanding portfolio.


The Jim Boyce award covers more programs to encourage collaboration across related fields. If you intend to apply, you usually have until the 31st of March of every year to do so.

Portfolios are the most important tool for designers. It serves as a basis for customers to determine whether or not to hire you for their design requirements. Your portfolio acts as an opportunity to showcase your skills as well as your knowledge and skills. A portfolio of design is mandatory for designers who are freelance as well as for those who run the design business. A portfolio isn’t something you can make by accident. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration prior to designing your portfolio.


Scholarships offer financial aid to students to help them pay for college degrees. The funds allow students to pursue education that they might not have access to otherwise. The scholarships go beyond financial aid for a lot of students. They provide deserving students with the opportunity to finance the cost of higher education. Design and creative technology have come a long way. Many institutions offer students scholarships to develop in the field. In some cases, grants extend beyond students to encourage innovation. Likewise, some scholarships are offered for courses related to interior design to promote collaboration. Pick a course you like and keep progressing in a field you have chosen!