QR-code business cards make it easier for professionals to share their information in one place. Rather than using a paper card with limited information, a digital card allows sharing of clickable links and other information on one card. In this way, digital cards make it easier for clients and contacts to stay engaged.

It’s now possible to share your contact information with whoever comes your way with the ability. to carry your digital cards on your smart phones and devices- so you can share your information whenever.

There are unlimited ways to customize the design and functionality of your card. With so many features, you can do a lot to grow your business with this innovative version of a traditional business card. With the option to include links and multimedia directly onto your card, you can instantly connect with potential clients and provide all the details they need to stay connected to you and your company.

To ensure that you’re selecting the right digital card service for your digital card, here are four essential features to look for in a quality digital business card service.

1. Customized Profile Information

Customized Profile Information

When you’re ready to start creating your very own digital business card, use a digital card service that allows you to customize your profile information so that others know how you want to be addressed beyond your first and last name.

This way, you can share your pronouns, the names you prefer to go by, and more. If the service you find only allows for the basics, you should look elsewhere.

Other available customizations for your digital business card should include:

  • your brand information
  • the text and design of your card
  • the color palette of your card
  • various interactive components such as adding in taglines and offers

You should look for digital business card services that can update these customizations as you go, so your information is always as relevant as possible. Clients and consumers want to see an active online presence.

2. Profile Picture Updates


Not every business card service allows you to change and update your profile picture as needed. Staying consistent with your profile picture is not only something to do for yourself, but it can also help you stay connected with others.

People engage closely with recent information. If it’s clear that your profile picture hasn’t been updated in years, you’re less likely to seem active and present online, which can decrease someone’s interest in you and your company.

Additionally, profile pictures are essential for trust-building; people make judgments based on appearance. For instance, if you recently got a haircut or lost weight, you should change your profile picture to retain greater interest from your clients and customers. Select a digital business card service that can give you these options.

3. Ability To Update Details On Your Digital Business Card


Just as you need the option to change your profile picture, you should also be able to update details related to your company, such as your job title, logos, changes to the company name, etc. Any milestones or awards can also be updated on your digital business card with the right digital card service.

You also want to ensure that the updated information is then directed to your connections so they are always aware of the changes that have come your way; this not only keeps everyone on the same page but gives customers more reason to refer back to you later. As these positive updates are recorded and sent over, they each act as gentle reminders to clients and customers that your business is available.

4. Easily Connects To All Social Media Handles


Ensure that your digital business card service allows interactions with your social media handles. Clickable links that can take customers and clients directly to your social media handles, enable instantaneous access to the most crucial information you can offer your customers.

The right business card service should be able to connect your card to all of your social media handles and stay up-to-date on any recent changes to new apps or platforms that you are using.

Keep your clients updated with your social media content to maintain your relationship with them. With a digital business card, staying connected is easier than ever. Make sure your digital business card service can accommodate these necessities.

Search for Affordable Pricing

Beyond these essentials, you want your digital business card service to provide you with costs that match your budget as they pertain to your team and individual business needs. Depending on the setup you are looking for, there should be different finance options, such as business and individual subscriptions, that meet the layout of your business or individual business framework.

Although you already save money by switching to a digital business card format, you should still look for a business card service that can accommodate you at a price you can afford.

Look for Features That Give You More Control


Using a digital business card service can help you retain better control over when and how your data is shared. With a digital business card, you not only allow for a contactless way to stay in touch with your peers, clients, and customers but also provide them all with the information they need without bombarding them.

As a business, you can take charge of what information is added to each card and even lock fields for every created card. Of course, not every business card service allows for these features, so make sure you’ve researched and selected the right digital business card service for your needs.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Leave a lasting impression with a digital business card that keeps those you meet updated on your business and general information. Allow your potential clients to get to know you through glowing testimonials, background knowledge on you and your company, as well as a direct way to contact you with any questions they may have. Get closer to your network and watch your business grow like wildfire- with digital features that keep everyone connected.