Moving is a very arduous and stressful process. It involves a lot of planning and good organization. In order to complete all the tasks, it is important to make several important decisions in advance. One of them is definitely the way of moving. So, you can choose between DIY or hire removalists. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on your lifestyle, options and requirements, this choice will depend. This is especially important when moving your office, because if there is downtime, you will only lose money and jeopardize your business. That is why a lot of people opt for professional companies because they offer quality, cheap service and stick to deadlines.

Also, don’t forget to take all the factors into account or take on too many responsibilities. This refers to what is important to you and the circumstances. So do not forget about safety, control, scheduling, cost and similar things. It is not same if you move from Murrumbeena to Brighton or if you are moving to another continent.

Advantages of DIY moving

1. Complete control


When you organize the relocation of the office yourself, it is quite understandable that you will have complete control over the situation. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of DIY move. In this way, you choose the truck, consumption, you handle the boxes yourself, which means that you also choose the material.

This way you will be sure that you did not miss anything, because you will plan and implement every part of the process. You also have control over time, because only you decide when to start and when to finish this. In addition, loading the truck also depends on you, which means that you can arrange the boxes according to a special schedule. For example, fragile objects go to one side, devices to the other, and so on.

2. Money saving

Provided that moving things goes exactly as you planned, you can save money. However, consider that there are a lot of potential problems that can happen to you. However, savings can be achieved when it comes to a location that is relatively close. While companies will ask for a fixed price for their services, you will pay as much money as you really need. For example, if you move to a neighborhood it is clear that the cost of the trip will be very small. You can also pay less to rent a truck.

3. Packing


Another advantage of this is that you can pack when you want. This means that you can start packing at the last minute. On the other hand, people from the company will require you to have everything ready as soon as they arrive. But on the other hand, we found out at that pros can help you packing, which can be so relieving during moving of your office.

Disadvantages of DIY moving

1. Man power


Whether you put extremely heavy objects in your boxes or it will be picture frames and similar things, you will lift the load yourself. This is especially difficult if you have large work machines and other large items. Even if you call on someone to help you, you put yourself and the other person at great strain.

Remember that you will be doing a lot of things that day and that you will be too tired. If this is your first move, it means you have no experience. In that case, the objects are very easily damaged, and you can also injure yourself. It is very inconvenient to handle certain items while professionals have a technique that they have been using for years.

2. Plan

Although you also need a plan to hire a company such as RockstarProMovers, you need incomparably more plans when you organize the move yourself. First of all, you will need a detailed plan for moving things from one location to another. You need to be aware of the circumstances and all the challenges, which means that you will also need backup plans.

In addition, loading things into a rented truck requires a special organization, because you will have to focus on several things at once. For example, that includes reserving a truck, arranging things inside it and everything else.

3. Unexpected problems


Things like this happen to everyone, but when you do everything yourself, the consequences can be really bad. For example, while moving things, an object got stuck on the door. When you handle things yourself, it can take hours before you fix the situation. This will not happen to professionals because they have their own tools for moving and experience. They can also fix the situation much faster, and you would be much more relaxed and ready for the process during that time.

Advantages of hiring removalists

1. You don’t have to do anything


You will surely feel better in this situation. Imagine all the hard work that awaits you and potential bad outcomes, and then imagine doing it all yourself without anyone’s help. This is a great stress for your body, and there is a possibility of physical injury. However, trained movers are hired for a reason.

With them, you will not have to think about difficult objects, unpleasant situations and other difficulties of moving. Instead, focus on your job, family, or something else. In the end, just relax and enjoy thinking that everything will go as you imagined.

2. Reliability

You cannot be as efficient as the people who are trained for this job. Of course, this only applies to companies that have a license, experience and are reliable. There is no substitute for them, because friends are not as professional as you are. They can also injure or damage your items, and may not be able to help you for some reason.

Professionals will not only do everything you tell them, but they will respect the deadlines, and that is very important for your job. We are sure that you want to continue where you left off as soon as possible.

3. Stress free


We must not forget about stress, and hiring professionals can help you a lot. This way you will not overload yourself and reduce productivity at work. In addition to the fact that the company will save you a lot of time, you will not have to think about driving. This is especially important for people who are not safe drivers. If you’re not safe enough while driving a small car, we wouldn’t recommend a heavy van.


Moving may be a laborious process, but try to be minimally annoyed. So consider accepting the help of an expert who will not jeopardize your inner peace and productivity at work. There are great companies that are ready to meet all your requirements and provide you with quality service.