Since homes are always being put on and taken off the market across the world, real estate photography is always in demand. It is very important because it is the first impression of the house, and that is what a prospective buyer sees first. With the best real estate images, each agent is competing for the attention of prospective homeowners.

Real estate photography might be challenging to photograph professionally at first. It is challenging, but if you have the right direction, then you can achieve good photos. But if you follow these straightforward real estate photography guidelines, you’ll create stunning, reliable property photographs.

With them, you’ll soon be receiving calls from local real estate brokers. Further, in this article, we will be talking about all these tips and tricks in detail.

Some of the Tips To Take Breathtaking DIY Real Estate Photos – 2023 Guide:

If you are new in the professional real estate photography world, you must know that you can easily make your work easier by following specific tips. Also, you need to follow a professional real estate photography to know more about it. In this article, we will be covering all those professional tips so that you don’tdon’t have to stress about photography.

Each Property Should Have A Standard Shot List:

Even though no two properties are the same, every skilled real estate photographer will capture a few standard pictures. You need to finalize a particular size for the pictures so that your photos look smooth.


Disorientation can easily lead. Up to bad pictures will lead to fewer buyers interested in a particular property. Knowing what to cover is an important guideline for taking expert real estate photography.

Two wide-angle pictures show the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms. Usually, wide angles have to be used to cover the whole property, but if you emphasize a specific area of the house, make sure to use normal telephoto lenses. Unless the bathroom is very lovely or large, only provide one image of it.

Prepare Your Equipment The Night Before:

In real estate photography, preparation is essential. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a shoot and realizing you’ve forgotten something. This might not be the most important real estate photography tip, but if you do not keep all the equipment, it will become really hard for you to take a good photograph.

If you want to take a good picture, then it is important for you to keep this in mind. You can work around it if you’re knowledgeable enough. Charge all the batteries and carry all the gears if at night you feel like you don’t have the gears. However, missing a few items means you’ll have to work a little harder on your feet.


One of the most crucial pieces of real estate photography advice is to declutter. Many photographers give little importance to cluttering, but it needs to be taken care of. In our own houses, we grow accustomed to little bits of clutter accumulating over time. But in a picture, every little thing that we miss will be obvious.


You must ensure that the things that are present in the frame do not overpower the property. Make sure that the owners keep the surface countertops, coffee tables, desks, etc., as spotless as possible. You have to ensure that it does not get all cluttered.


Having said that, you want to avoid purging the rooms to the point where they appear sterile and chilly. If you are taking real estate interior or exterior pictures, you need to see the main aspects the owners want to portray, and according to it, the whole styling has to be done.

Leave just enough to give them an idea of how beautiful it may be but not so much that it becomes difficult for them to envision their own belongings in the same place. If there are personal belongings and some hidden gems, then there is no need to put all of them in the pictures. You have to give them a basic idea to persuade them to buy a particular property.

Make care to depersonalize all soft furnishings, art, and decorator items before adding them. You need to ensure that while styling a particular place, the things you are adding within the property do not take the limelight of the property.

Utilize Daylight:


Early morning or evening is the most significant time to photograph your exteriors because they have the most gentle light. Choosing the right time to do the day is also very important, as when you are taking an outdoor photo of a particular property, you need to ensure that the light is perfect, and this natural light plays a huge role.

Take pictures of the location with the lights on to make it appear cozy and inviting. Open the blinds and allow as much light as possible when taking interior photos. Flash your phone to get rid of shadows. Also, you can have reflectors with you for the outdoor property shoot.

Take Your Tripod’sTripod’s Height Into Account:

It is essential to have if you plan to take real estate pictures. A good tripod and the height of the tripod really matter. Shooting interiors at eye level, or about 5.5 feet, keeps the space looking proportionate and makes it simpler to maintain straight vertical lines.

You must ensure that the tripod is placed in the right place, no matter if you are taking the shot from the interior or exterior. The camera’s height plays a huge role in making the photographs look amazing and portraying the best look of the real estate.

Bottom Line

You may feel ready to begin booking clients and real estate shoots. Creating an online portfolio showcasing your stunning real estate photography is one of the best ways to connect with clients, and along with it, you will follow these tips to make your task even easier. This article will help you out in the whole process.