The world has evolved so much that earning money from your talent and skills is not limited to just one avenue. The internet has made it possible for anyone to monetize their skills and expertise in many ways. And if you’re creative, you might find more ingenious ways to get the cash flowing.

Art is something that will never go out of style. If you have an excellent hand and a keen eye for art, your works could be more valuable as time goes by. And today, there are many ways to earn from your art skills. Here are some of them:

Design Stickers And Logos For a Fee

If you’re good at creating digital artworks, then why not design customized stickers, labels, and logos for small businesses and organizations for a fee. Your clients can then have their custom designs printed by companies like Stickeroo. It may take a while before you can find a steady stream of clients but once you establish a network in the local scene, it would get easier.

Sell Your Artwork On Various Social Platforms

New artists who want to build a name for themselves use social media like the rest to get the word out. They utilize various social platforms as their online portfolio to showcase their creation, earn money, and at the same time compete with others.

Each platform has a defined persona of users, so if you think your artwork appeals to the younger crowd, choose a platform like Instagram to display your work. There are other social platforms, and selecting the one that would match your audience is the key to ensuring that you’ll reach the right people.


And when you do reach your target market, you can see how it will grow right before your eyes. You can even reach an audience from the opposite side of the world. That is the power of the internet, and with half of the world’s population hooked on social media, you’ll know it would be easy to drum up interest for your art if you market it well on this platform.

It’s also very straightforward to create an online portfolio, you may create one within the social platform or build one through your very own website. Expanding your audience is easier too as you can link to each one of them and all clicks that would direct to your landing page will be quickly monitored using a plug-in. This way, you’ll know which platform performs well for your artwork. What’s great about this strategy is you don’t even need a cash investment! You can set up an online portfolio or website using free platforms or domains.

 Accept Commissioned Art Projects

When you reach a sizeable following, you’ll find that your inbox is inundated with requests to do specific styles and types of art. You have to understand not all people subscribe to one idea of art, and some may have a specific preference done their way. If you’re the kind of artist who can indulge requests and not one who only has one path to art creation, you may see yourself succeeding in this arena.

When you start accepting commissioned art projects, you’ll begin to grow a loyal following. These regular clients can promote your business further since you can use their feedback and testimonials to spread the word about your craft.

Create an Online Art Course

If you’re the kind of artist who’s confident to mentor others and think you can take students under your wing, why not create an online art course? You already have the basic idea, and you would only need to formalize it by creating a syllabus. After you have drafted your outline for the art course, you may proceed with making video tutorials if you’re not comfortable doing synchronous classes.

If you have a passion for teaching and mentoring, you might find this endeavor very fulfilling. This kind of intangible intellectual content will be very profitable to many types of audiences. And beginning with a basic course can grow to various specific art styles. So, it would be best that as you teach others, you try to learn and be an expert on other styles as well.

Hold a Summer Workshop

Holding summer workshops for kids is something you can also do. You may rent a small studio, fill it with art supplies, easels, and bar stools, then hold a workshop for kids or adults who want to learn about art. You may offer these workshops during the summer or even year-round.

Parents will be grateful for your program since many of them are either too busy or lack the necessary artistic skills to do this on their own. You can also be unique in the way that you can take the class outdoors, in a park, or even by the bay. This way, your mentees will have more inspiration to gravitate to.

 Become a Content Creator

Many famous content creators started with a humble channel with a measly following. Still, as soon as one viral content is out, its following grows into the millions, and monetization becomes second nature. Such is the case of Devon Rodriguez, who draws strangers he meets on the New York City subway. His videos went viral on TikTok, and the 25-year-old guy now has a 20 million following on the platform. And he has been interviewed and featured on many significant channels like Today and the New York Times.

But more than the money and fame it brought to many art content creators, what they really value is the appreciation of people with their art and how it has touched their lives forever.



Art can take you places and transcend you from simplicity to grandeur. There are many ways to earn from this talent and skill if you are open to the idea and willing to go beyond the typical route. You can start by designing logos and labels, accepting commissioned arts, or organizing art workshops where you can help hone the creative skills of other people.