The development of online services and networks leads to the expansion of online platforms. The main advantage is for businesses that can use that as an effective and convenient method to communicate with clients and promote their products and services.

Besides companies, a lot of people are running websites to share various content like educational materials, entertainment, and more.

The great feature of having a good website is that you can earn profit simply by reaching more visitors.

Both standard websites and streaming services have the monetization feature. If you want to learn more about the monetization of videos on websites, check VlogBox.

It is not a rare case that people open a new website only intending to make a profit by simply becoming more popular and reaching a lot of people. However, it is necessary to learn more about the requirements for making it profitable.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important features that will provide you with the ability to monetize your website in 2024.

Rent Space for Ads


One of the first methods used by many owners of websites is to sell parts of the website for ads of other brands. It is a simple solution, but you already need a lot of visitors if you want to target bigger companies to share their ads on your website. Also, it is important to be consistent and to create a website with ads that are somehow linked to your content.

For example, if you are a blogger who is promoting tourism and traveling, the best options for ads would be companies that are selling airplane tickets, hiking equipment, renting rooms, rent-a-car services, and much more. The process of earning is quite simple as well. The companies interested in placing ads on your website will contact you and pay you in advance.

Affiliate Marketing


This is a more complicated process, but it represents an excellent long-term solution. Since there is the expansion of websites in recent years, affiliate programs have become a very popular option, especially for bloggers and people who are sharing multimedia content on various platforms. The point of this method is to promote a product or service on your website, and then share a link that will lead visitors to that brand, where they can shop.

Since they visited the website through the link shared on your page, you will get a percentage when some of them decide to buy anything on that website. The great thing about this option is that there is high competition in almost every area and industry today. Therefore, you can promote traveling products, technology, online courses, books, and much more.



Google is the biggest search engine today, and the great feature for users is that they can allow ads provided by this company on their websites. It is very popular for businesses to buy ads on Google to promote their products.

Therefore, Google will randomly place various commercials on your page, and you will earn money related to the number of visitors on your page. The profit depends on various factors, and it can be from only 1 cent to over $10. When it comes to requirements, you will need a minimum of 50 visitors per day, and the website must be optimized.

You can improve the quality of your page by working on better articles that will contain the right keywords, choosing the right size of texts, adding some creative and attractive videos and photos, and more. It can be complicated in the beginning, but only because of some rules. On the other side, setting a website to become compatible with this option is simple, free, and doesn’t require any special skills.

Sponsored Content


If you have a high-quality website that already has a lot of visitors every day, and you are constantly working on sharing excellent videos or articles, the great solution would be to share sponsored content and earn profit from other brands interested in promoting themselves on your page. Your ability to mention and promote other brands is crucial, and you can earn at least $10 per post.

Also, the profit can be much bigger if you have a lot of loyal visitors. In case that you have a blog, and you are promoting the most recent tech items, it would be a great solution to share an article about some new power bank, earbuds, smartphone, and other products, and the company behind that item will pay you according to the views.

Add the Donation Feature

Before you start looking for a service that will allow people to give you donations, it is crucial to work on your content and find the niche that you are familiar with, and where you can share interesting articles and videos that will keep people interested. One of the most options for YouTubers is Patreon, but you can choose Stripe or PayPal as well.

Also, it is important to highlight that you are asking for donations as a way to make your content more engaging and to continue investing your time into creating new posts. If you have certain skills and you are experienced in some area, it can be a great solution to make passive income by informing people about products and news in that area.

The Bottom Line


As you can see, the main factor required for increasing the profit made by running a website is to increase the popularity and gain more visitors every day. You can combine different features as well. The minimum requirement for applying for monetization is to have at least 10,000 views per month, and they need to be collected from organic search on Google.

Having a blog with more than 1 million views per month will provide you with around $5,000 of profit. Also, you should create a page that is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices to secure the right user experience. When it comes to paid ads place, it is not a good idea to allow too many of them since they will affect the quality of your website.