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Since its establishment in 2011, European brokerage firm EXANTE has emerged as a leading force in the global investment landscape, boasting access to more than 50 global financial markets. With its regulatory foundation firmly rooted in the EU and authorized in Malta, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and the UK, EXANTE has cultivated a reputation for exceptional security measures and dedication to prioritizing client needs.

This in-depth review of EXANTE not only showcases EXANTE’s robust market offerings and technological prowess but also highlights its resilience and ethical commitment amidst challenges, marking it as a distinguished player in the global investment arena.

The Visionaries Behind EXANTE

The Visionaries Behind EXANTE
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The brainchild of Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoly Knyazev, EXANTE was born out of a synergy of diverse expertise. Kirienko’s statistical acumen, Eglitis’ vast experience in global finance, and Knyazev’s technological prowess have been instrumental in steering the broker towards innovation and leadership in the finance industry, as each of the founders play their part and share their expertise within their respective domains.

Commitment to Investor Security

EXANTE as a broker stands out for its stringent adherence to regulatory standards set by esteemed bodies. It is licensed and authorized in the UK by the FCA, in Malta by the MFSA, in Hong Kong by the SFC, and in Cyprus by the CySEC. Its implementation of critical security measures, including segregated funds and protection against negative balance, underscores its commitment to providing a safe and reliable trading ecosystem.

The broker’s trading solutions are also compliant with MiFID-II, which stands for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, effective from 2014. The MiFID-II is a regulatory framework implemented in the EU to regulate financial markets and protect investors, aiming to enhance transparency in market structure and efficiency in financial product governance.

Tailored Investment Solutions

Tailored Investment Solutions
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EXANTE’s platform is designed to cater to the varied requirements of investors with different needs, from private individuals to corporate entities. However, it is worth noting that the broker’s primary audience are sophisticated, professional traders, and they have a higher barrier to entry to markets than most brokers, with minimum deposits of 10,000 EUR for their live trading accounts for individuals. Nevertheless, the higher barrier to entry also comes with advanced trading tools and software, as well as superior secure execution.

Reviewing each of the target demographics EXANTE serves:

For private investors, EXANTE offers a multi-currency account feature, opening doors to a wide array of investment instruments. They can access over a million products across 50+ financial markets, ranging from options and futures to currencies, stocks, bonds, and commodities. Traders can participate in trading US, EU, and Asian markets – as well as regions beyond or in-between.

For wealth managers, EXANTE provides sophisticated MAM tools for managing multiple accounts and generating detailed reports that encourage their clientele to bring in multiple clients. There is also a flexible remuneration programme for client managers who wish to introduce more peers.

For family offices, EXANTE provides flexibility across jurisdictions coupled with strong investor protection mechanisms, and family office clients can access new classes of assets while making private equity deals. Due to the high net worth of the clients received, EXANTE also provides fast order routing to their global exchanges with no requoting or slippage, and stocks and bonds can be transferred easily to the broker’s custody with competitive custody fees.

Finally, for financial institutions such as banks, EXANTE provides customized brokerage solutions that highlight regulatory adherence and technological advancement. Institutional clients of EXANTE can benefit from flexible onboarding and an omnibus account. With access to granular reports, there is also the possibility of producing fast and precise multi-currency reports for both internal and external analysis. Trading fees are kept to a minimum – only trading commissions and data feed costs where applicable.

Other Solutions Offered by EXANTE

Other Solutions Offered by EXANTE
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Demo Account: EXANTE also offers a simulated trading environment equipped with a virtual balance for risk-free practice for individuals. The demo account offers extensive market access to global exchanges, and traders can participate in risk-free trading to test out new strategies using sophisticated software and tools.

MAM Account: As mentioned, institutional and professional clients that require the monitoring of client portfolios can benefit from EXANTE’s (Multi-Account Manager) MAM account. With the MAM account structure, institutional investors can act as a ‘master’ account manager which can execute trades on behalf of sub-accounts, as well as allocate trades across sub-accounts using various methods, such as by equal lot size, percentage, or customized methods.

Integrity Under Scrutiny

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The only scandal the broker has been involved with was in 2015, which involved the SEC accusing the broker of insider trading. Nevertheless, the SEC dropped charges after an investigation that revealed EXANTE – nor any of its clients – were involved in the event and all allegations were baseless. EXANTE took a hit in its public image and reputation in the months following the allegations, even after they were cleared. Nevertheless, the broker has since been vindicated and has successfully reinforced its status as a paragon of integrity. EXANTE is, and has always been, compliant with regulation across its operating regions.

The Verdict

EXANTE is a secure and trustworthy brokerage firm, and its longstanding success within the financial markets is a testament to its excellence and regulatory compliance. Over the years, the broker has retained its steadfast commitment to client-centric services, and it is a top choice among serious investors seeking a dependable financial partner.