The process of finding a job is never an easy one, especially if you’re applying for the position of your dreams. Dreaming is one thing, but getting hired is a whole another. What you need to do to get the job you want is to be well-prepared for the interview. We’re assuming you already have all credentials in check. If your CV and education are spots on, you have nothing to fear, right? Well, that’s wrong. It’s always good to have a little fear in the back of your mind. It will give you sharpness.

Sharpness is needed for any job interview. After all, you won’t be the only one applying for a position. Having to go head-to-head with people of similar social, educational, and business environments is not an easy task. What you need in a situation like this is cutting-edge. Yes, you need to show that you’re standing above everyone else. How to do this? That’s a good question. There are many ways you can ace your job interview. Some people get the jobs they like just because they did well in the interview and not because they were the best available candidate. People from HR can be swayed your way if you know what you’re doing.

But, it’s not all about the preparation and your background. There’s something in small tricks people apply once they are in a situation to nab the job they want. Have you heard about the eyeglasses approach? Some people believe that their chances of getting hired increase if they wear eyewear. That’s right, you heard it well the first time. Are you one of those people? This is a funny claim, but is there any truth to it? How is it connected to the reality of job interviews? Let’s talk about do eyeglasses help with your job interview. Myth or fact? If you think it’s a fact go and get yourself something from

There’s Truth To It

While it’s not the determining factor in getting a job, it is recommended that you should try and wear eyeglasses when you do a job interview. It is one of those things that is not a must, but it can’t hurt you in any way. First of all, it will make you look smarter. Just look at Peter Parker, AKA The Spiderman. We’re talking about Toby Maguire and not Tom Holland. That should be enough to sway anyone. But, if you’re still not convinced, let us talk about it for a little bit. Below you’ll find a few reasons why you should wear eyeglasses to every job interview you’ll have in the future. If you don’t agree with us, that’s fine, but don’t argue that we don’t have good reasoning.

You Do Look Smarter

This is not a myth. Yes, it is a stereotype. It all stems from popular media, but that is how things stand now. If you haven’t noticed by looking at TV shows and movies, those who are deemed smart by society usually wear glasses. Because of that intelligence is today associated with glasses. So, if you wear a pair to a job interview you will appear smarter. At the end to paraphrase Forest Gump, everyone is smart as one is. So, you’ll carry your smarts to any job interview, but glasses will amplify the looks of it, and your intelligence will remain the same.

Glasses Equals Knowledge

Yes, this is in line with the paragraph from above. It’s not what you say but how you look saying it. It’s a simple equation. You’ll look more knowledgeable with a pair of eyeglasses. So, the things you say during an interview will appear as if you know them in depth. You might be an expert in your domain, and the glasses will only amplify that. It’s hard to believe this for some people, but in the end, it’s the truth. You shouldn’t wear eyeglasses if there’s no need for them. But, why shouldn’t you have that ace up your sleeve? After all, a job interview is a like a game of blackjack. You never know which card is coming next, and that ace can come in handy.


With eyeglasses there comes a lot of prejudice. This is not something out of ordinary. In the world of sports and survival, it’s seen as a weakness. But, in the corporative world, it’s seen as an advantage. People who wear eyeglasses appear to be more competent in doing certain types of jobs. This all aligns with everything we stated above. If you’re smart and knowledgeable; you are probably competent in doing any task put in front of you. One thing leads to another and it all started with you wearing eyeglasses to a job interview. Of course, if you need them that’s fine and you can’t avoid any prejudice. But, if you’re wearing them for the sole purpose of acing your job interviews you’re a man on a mission. Just don’t make it Mission Impossible in the manner of one Tom Cruise.

A Hard Worker

The more you read, the less likely is that you’ll believe us. But, that’s true. Back in the day, having eyeglasses was associated with bad vision and being a nerd. The Simpsons taught us that. We jocks need to call out the nerds was stated by Homer Simpson. Oh, how the landscape changed. Now, we no longer hear that expression. Instead, we found a way to appreciate people wearing eyeglasses. In addition to being perceived as smart, knowledgeable, and competent they’re also perceived as hard-working. While this might be true, not all people who wear eyeglasses fit the bill. But, during a job interview, it will certainly appear to be so. With everything said above, think about it the next time you have a job on the line.

A Myth?

Is it a myth? We don’t think so. There’s plenty of truth to be in advantage if you wear eyeglasses to a job interview. Now that you know it, it’s up there for you to grab it.