“How to become popular on IG?” – one of the most important issues of this year. The platform continues to expand, and there are more and more users every day. Millions of accounts have already been created on the site, and a huge amount of content surprises with its diversity. The competition is growing, and it is becoming more and more difficult to create a large fanbase. However, there is no universal formula for achieving success. Yes, it used to be enough just to publish a few interesting useful posts to become popular, but the situation has changed.

Have you been thinking about creating your own blog for a long time? It’s time to move from words to deeds. We wrote this article to help beginners create a competitive account that will attract the attention of a huge number of users. You will have to spend time and effort, and even some part of the budget, to achieve what you want. Keep reading!

The first steps in creating a page are the most important. This is necessary in order to create the ground for further promotion and to have an idea of who your audience is.

So, what’s the first step?


Define your niche. If you are an active person, you probably have a lot of interests, whether it’s fitness, travel, finance or creativity. It is difficult for versatile people to decide on one topic, but we advise you to do it at the initial stage. Yes, you can combine your interests with each other and talk about everything a little at a time, but initially you should have the main topic to which most of the posts will be devoted.

Why? The problem is that your audience may not share all the interests that you are interested in. Therefore, when searching for the first subs, it is important to publish content on a specific topic in order not to lose potential readers and increase your influence. Decide which specific niche you want to specialize in and create the right content. This will help you get a clearer idea of what type of publications you should focus on and how to attract new followers.

After that, you need to create a visually pleasing and filled account, as well as take care of creating a readers base.

Fill out the profile and create a fanbase. Description, biography, name, avatar and number of followers are the first things that visitors to the page pay attention to. The name should be catchy and thematic, memorable and short, not have double letters and a lot of punctuation marks. In the description we advise you to write the main details about the account : who are you, what is your niche and how do you differ from others. Do not write complex sentences and avoid professional slang and specific phrases. Your description should be clear to anyone who visits the page.

Well, everything is clear with the account design, but how to create a subs base? Many bloggers spend weeks or even months searching for an audience.But this process can be simplified if you turn to a specialized company such as Viplikes and get real Instagram followers.. This way you will create an attractive page appearance, and potential readers will follow the profile more actively. With the help of the created fan base, you will become more competitive and stand out against the background of newcomers who did not take care of it in advance.

Your account is ready, now you can start creating content and promoting it. What do you need to use for this?

Experiment with hashtag variations. Creating high-quality and trending content is only part of the work that you need to do. Publishing using keywords is a necessity so that your posts attract more viewers. A reasonable solution is to choose 5 or 7 tags that will be relevant to your topic and will help with increasing engagement.


Which hashtags should you choose? It depends on what niche you decide to occupy. One of the best solutions is to analyze competitors’ publications and see which keys they use. Pay special attention to those of them that receive the most likes and comments. At the same time, we recommend using different words to find out which ones work more effectively.

Post regularly. Another important factor to increase your visibility is the consistency and regularity of content publication. The more photos and videos you post, the higher the probability that they will become popular or even viral, and the number of subscribers may increase significantly.

For convenience, you can create a contact plan and follow it, so as not to forget to publish posts according to the schedule. You don’t have to post content several times a day, but we advise you to do it at least once, and record a few stories about your life. In this case, you will not let your followers get bored, and potential viewers will be happy to find that your content regularly appears in the publication feed.

Communicate with your followers. The initial goal of any social network is to create an opportunity for users to communicate with each other and establish friendly relations. It may not seem obvious, but if you communicate with readers as much as possible, it will have a great effect on activity and increase the rating of your account. People tend to unsubscribe from those authors who ignore their messages or do not respond to comments.

IGInstant suggests that it is so important for influential people to create friendly relations with their followers. Try to respond to feedback, be interested in the opinion of your readers and respond to any feedback, even if they are negative. This step will not necessarily increase the number of new subs, but it will help to retain existing viewers and build trusting relationships with them. This will guarantee that you will not lose your viewers and they will stay with you for a long time.