Stamp collection is one of the oldest hobbies to have turned into an actual occupation for some. The first stamp was a Penny black bearing Queen Elizabeth’s likeness at the beginning of her reign. Old stamps have always been a valuable commodity for collectors the world over. It is a view of the world that so many people do not get to see. It gives people a chance to travel and know the value of life from the creators of those stamps from the comfort of their own homes.

These stamps also become valuable in monetary value and can be sold and bought from other collectors. The stamp trade has grown over the years, and these days you can buy them online or from any reputable stamp dealer, but how do you find a reputable stamp dealer? Well, you can start by contacting Tony Lester Auctions, of course!

When you come across a stack of old stamps from a grandparent or a senior relative, you would want to make sure that the stamps you are holding onto are authentic and reputable. You will need to get an authentication certificate from someone with philatelic knowledge of the dates and the stamps’ actual value. You can go to an individual dealer or use a philatelic company to evaluate your collections. It is essential to know that stamp collectors are just collectors who might have the authentication to evaluate stamps and other documents. Still, they are not a businessman who runs government-acknowledged businesses, but someone as passionate about stamp collection as you probably are.

Finding a dealer


Finding a reputable dealer should be accessible in your community if you know of others who collect stamps as well. You can search for a group online and try and get recommendations for people they may have used. Authentication companies usually have groups that they create for other collectors to get in touch with for sales or trades. Once you have the information you need, it is essential to research what you should be dealing with as stamps are valuable and fakes can easily be recreated.

The digital world has become so advanced that you can forge anything, so you need to keep your eye out on tiny details that might mislead you if your collection is left with someone who is not an authentic dealer or collector. There are also phone numbers of dealers at the back of philatelic magazines which you can contact and ask. Stamp collectors need to have excellent relationships with investors who also take a keen interest in stamps so that if you are interested in selling that, you are selling them for the right price and to the right people.

Stamp authentication conditions


There are specifications for the stamps you own to be able to get them to be authenticated. Damaged stamps, stamps that do not show the date correctly or stamps that are torn enter into the state of being unauthenticated and are of no value or worth. The following would need to be for your stamps to be worth any monetary value:

If the stamps are still stuck on the envelope, then it is in the best interest of their value to leave them on the envelope. They are worth a more significant premium than ordinary stamps and can get you a lot of money if they are dated before 1960. Royal memorabilia stamps are also considered invaluable as they are distributed widely and can be found anywhere.

Stamps that are not organised as a collection also lose their value because they are unorganised and cannot be adequately authenticated. Most stamp collections are recognisable by them being stored in photo albums where plastic sleeves can provide additional protection. It will serve you best in monetary value to try and sell your stamps by yourself.

Like any other collectable items, investors will try and get the products you have to sell at the lowest price and resell them to even more prominent corporations at auction. Your articles are more likely to fetch a higher price, and if you would like that for yourself, then sites like eBay should be your first option. Creases, tears and discolouration devalue stamp. Any old faces on the stamps will increase its value if it isn’t damaged and is above the 1 shilling value. The stamp’s gum will also add to its value if you have stamps that were never used and in the same condition that they were issued from the post office.

Philatelic Society of London and the art of philately


The art of philately was established in the 1800s. It was confirmed that a postal collection service, where older limited edition stamps could be appraised and valued as collectables, would be taken in for historical restoration purposes. One of the societys’ primary objectives is to take the memorabilia from London and share it with the world unable to see in the UK. In doing so, they take an educational approach to sharing the information that they collect so that anyone who forms part of the philatelic community across the globe can enjoy these artefacts.

Starting a collection of your own


If you ever considered starting a collection of your own, it might be a great idea to collect from family members who believe in sending things via post. Your older relatives might have stamps that were limited edition and in mint condition. You will need to remember the information mentioned above and start your search online with a previously traded community with stamps.

It is not advisable to go to a dealer first in case they purposefully devalue them. There are catalogues of stamps that show the stamp’s release date and the country of its origin. It will give you the information about the grade, whether it was a land postage stamp or used for flight mail. The catalogue will also provide a retail price. You can get a rough estimation of what your stamps are worth by looking through the record and then using a dealer or collector’s services to determine how close to the values your stamps are.