Many people don’t get health insurance coverage just because they don’t get sick. Many millennials feel that they are healthy enough and do not need to be insured, especially when they rarely visit the hospital. After all, the reason for enrolling in a health insurance plan is to cover medical expenses.

And yes, people can foot their medical bills when the need arises, right? Well, if 2024 has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. No one plans to fall sick but we can all agree that many people and up sick or in need of medical care.

It may be true that you don’t fall sick often, but what if you eventually get plagued with a serious ailment that requires emergency treatment? What if you end up in an accident and you need emergency surgery? And what if in these moments, you’re short on cash?

Yes, we must always remain optimistic, but the truth is life can take a turn at any moment. Health insurance can save you in these unpredictable moments, and that is why it shouldn’t be ignored. You can get more information related to insurance on

You should enroll in health insurance plans because of the following reasons:

Lifestyle Diseases Are on the Rise


What are lifestyle illnesses? These are ailments that stem from our day-to-day activities, like eating and poor hygiene. Examples of lifestyle diseases include obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, lung cancer, et cetera. Habits like, sedentary lifestyles, stress and fatigue, poor eating, excessive partying and smoking, are factors that contribute to the development of these ailments.

Research shows that lifestyle diseases are on the increase, especially among millenials and Generation Z. To think that these diseases, which used to be associated with the older generation, are now increasingly becoming rampant should be a cause for serious concern.

While it is true that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent and combat these ailments, the slightest of carelessness can, unfortunately, be the telling factor. In this case, paying your medical expenses can become a huge mountain to climb. However, enrolling in a health insurance plan can help you in such moments, not only financially but health wise as well. You can detect these ailments at its early stage before things get worse.

With an active health insurance plan, there won’t be so much to worry about.

Medical Emergencies Can Leave You Broke


Medical services in the U.S. are pretty much expensive. This is due in part to medical Inflation. We have every reason to be grateful for technological advancements, especially in the health sector. However, these new discoveries and inventions coupled with the increase of diseases have only served to further increase the costs of treatment.

Medical expenses are not restricted to hospitals alone. Inflation affects other aspects of health care like doctor appointments, ambulance charges, pharmaceuticals, diagnosis tests, and rent. All these affect the cost of medical care in the United States

Unfortunately, when you undergo a medical emergency without having a health insurance plan, it can leave your pockets empty, especially in times when you’re not prepared. High medical costs can leave you with no other choice but to borrow. And we all know that banks don’t leave you alone when you obtain a loan.

A fact: the mean cost of a 3-day hospital stay is $30,000.

Situations like this can mess up your finances. Many people are just one medical emergency away from being broke. However, having an active health insurance plan will mitigate your medical expenses. With this, you won’t have to worry about covering all the costs.

Nobody in their right mind hopes to be seriously injured in a car accident or fall from the stairs, but these things happen and are beyond our control. By the way, did you know that you may need up to $7,500 to fix a broken leg?

Medical bills can also pile up over time. Injuries from these accidents may start as benign and grow worse in the long run. We’ve seen cases where a minor swelling becomes so grave that it requires surgery. All of these expenses can become a burden to bear. Let’s not forget that you may not be able to earn money as you’re recovering.

The fact remains that here in the United States, it can be extremely hard to pay for medical emergencies without health insurance. But with an active health insurance plan, the perils of medical inflation will not leave you scratching your head when you need medical care. Health insurance, not only protects you financially, but also gives you access to the best care possible.

Early Care and Preventive Treatment


As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”; with an active insurance plan, you can treat minor ailments early enough and prevent malignant situations.

People without insurance may choose to avoid getting treatments for a seemingly less serious health issue. Unfortunately, they may end up spending more money when it worsens.

The best way to cut down on medical expenses is by taking preventive treatment and early care. It shouldn’t be a problem if you have active health insurance.

Government Policies


Before 2019, people had to pay a penalty on their federal tax returns if they did not have health insurance. However, at this time, this isn’t the case. Some states, like California and New Jersey, still hold strict mandates.

While there are no more penalties at the federal level, for most states, a health insurance policy is mandatory. If you live in states that hold individual health insurance mandates, you may be penalized.


Ideally, if you take good care of yourself, you may not fancy the need for health insurance. However, it pays to be proactive as unforeseen circumstances may creep in at any time.

By having active health insurance, you’ll end up saving not only your pocket but yourself as well. So, enroll in a health insurance plan today to protect yourself from unplanned unfortunate circumstances.