Today, the 100% commission model has become very popular. A lot of commission brokers have changed their business. It changed from the traditional model to the 100% commission model. It is much more convenient and beneficial. But not everyone understands how commission brokers can get profit with this model.

You may want to try yourself in being a 100 commission real estate broker. gives you such an opportunity. Let’s see how it works. In the traditional model in real estate, the agent can have only half of the order. Another half will go to the brokerage. When you use the 100 commission real estate Miami model, you get 100% profit from the order. It means that you get the full cost. It is twice as much as when using the traditional model.

Yet, to become a 100% real estate broker, you need to pay fee commissions yourself. In Florida, the cost is 200$. After that, you may enjoy your profit. When you use a 100 commissions real estate model, use may not work for a brokerage company anymore. You can have your own real estate business. You can determine your schedule and what you do. You do not make contracts with agencies. You become a self-employed realtor.

Another advantage is that brokerage companies will not press you. You will not have to pay fees and licenses. You may get training and do your commercial work at any convenient time. After you pay the introductory fee, you have no fees in the future. You may even create your real estate brand. To do this, buy a luxury apartment and a license for it.

100 Commission Real Estate Miami: How to Become a Realtor?

How does 100 commission real estate brokerage work in What step should I take to get my realtor position?

1. To be a successful realtor, you should first get a training course


The course lasts for 60 hours. After that, you should pass an exam. There are different locations where you can get the training. But it is only available in Miami.

2. Then you should get a 100 real estate commission license in Florida

You should register on the website for licensing in Florida. There, fill in your personal information. It will be related to your education, working experience, and passport data. The time for admission is from 3 to 6 weeks. After that, you pass another exam.

3. For the first time, you will work for a brokerage company


You may look into the top list of brokerage companies in Miami. It is not important which company you choose. So, find the best option for you. Yet, such companies take charge of your work. You will not be able to take a 100% commission. gives you an opportunity to work as a self-employed realtor.

Start working with by filling in the form on the website. Give your name, e-mail address, and phone number. Then describe the services you provide. Working on a 100% commission model is a successful way to make money as a real estate broker.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of 100% Real Estate?

The 100% commission brokerage is getting more and more popular. There are documents that define the legality of their work. This kind of real estate is known for its stability. It does not depend on the market fluctuations. Other kinds of real estate brokerage depend on the market and close after several years.

The cost of 100% commission real estate differs. Each broker states their own price. There are three main kinds of fees for real estate. They have their special features. So, you may choose the fees you like most. You should not follow the common rules for all real estate brokers. It is certainly an advantage.

A disadvantage of this kind is hidden fees. There are seven hidden fees in 100% real estate brokerage. They include administrative, technology, and compliance fees. The others are file review, training, franchise, and E&O fees. Each of them has its special cost. When you start working, you should pay the costs besides your brokerage commission.

The one who becomes a 100% real estate broker should be a leader


This kind of brokerage lets you create a good reputation for yourself. Yet, you should own all the necessary character traits. You should reach your goals and have rewards. You need to have certifications and diplomas. You may become a popular person in the media.

E&O is an abbreviation for Errors and Omissions insurance. This insurance is important in 100% commission real estate. It may be an advantage for the broker. Yet, it may cause negative consequences for them. The insurance costs a lot. You will have to pay a great amount of money to own it. You will have to also pay for AOP.

There can be cases when you lose the insurance without your fault. No one will cover the losses. You should also talk directly to the person who gives you the insurance. So, the costs are bigger than those in the accepted insurance policy. The broker should first look through the 100% commission brokerage policy and laws.

Real estate 100% brokers get constant support. It is a new field, so there are experts who help the brokers. In some countries, it is a compulsory feature. The amount of support differs depending on the country.

Another advantage is new efficient technology in the field. So, 100% real estate is more convenient than the traditional one. You will send emails faster. Signing contracts will also become easier. You will be able to do it in an electronic form. This kind of brokerage is also better because of its brand name.

Such companies are more popular and known among the people. So, the customer will know your company’s name in advance. They will know your reliability for sure. Yet, if you have a small company, it will also be an advantage. You will have fewer costs, but you will still have the brand name. Consider these points before you choose between the traditional and 100% commission brokerage. The last one is more beneficial both to the brokers and the customers.