Over time, you realize that a business name that you’ve adopted just doesn’t seem to work out. There’s a high chance that you’ve already thought of utilizing a clever moniker that will truly give your brand the representation that it deserves; however, your clientele still cannot make a connection.

Maybe you’ve used a person’s name for the title of the company and you now think it is time to change the business name in order to reflect- a much larger and more corporate brand.

Whatever the reason, changing a business name in UAE can be a difficult task. You also run the risk for your business losing brand recognition however small it may be.

That being said, the positives of changing a business name in UAE outweigh the negatives. PRO companies in UAE can also make it happen for you with little to no hassle on your part. Here is how they go about it:

Step 1: Seek Initial Approval with the UAE Dept. of Economic Development

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Initial Approval has to be issued by the UAE Department of Economic Development (DED) for your company’s change of name. In the application, you must provide the following details:

  • Proposed company name
  • Existing company name
  • Where exactly is the business situated and where it’s registered
  • The registered company office address (must be under the jurisdiction where the company was registered e.g. a company that’s registered in Dubai mainland must have its registered office address anywhere within Dubai mainland
  • Details of the company legal structure
  • Details of the economic activities of the company
  • Copy of its memorandum of association and articles of association
  • Details of the company directors and corporate secretary
  • Statement of guarantee or compliance
  • If the proposed company name has a sensitive word that requires the approval of the local authorities, then a section has to be allocated for asking a request in approving the company name by a government body

With your new company name, you must also follow the naming policies applicable for all private company names in UAE for it to be approved by the DED. Although majority of applicants are able to register their first option as company name, restrictions have been set out in UAE Commercial Companies Law for company names, which include:

  • Certain abbreviations and expressions that describe particular forms of companies can only be added by the end of company names e.g. Limited Liability Company
  • A name should not suggest some connection with the UAE government, a local authority, specified public authority or developed administration
  • A name should not have sensitive expressions or words included in the UAE legislation
  • A name should not include words which would constitute offences
  • A company name should not be offense
  • A name should not be the same as any existing name of a company (‘same as’ are two company names that are very similar they’re likely to cause confusion in the general public or consumers as to which is which
  • Any use of certain signs, symbols, punctuation, or characters in a business name isn’t allowed
  • Company name should not represent any regulated activity in the country
  • A name should not suggest business pre-eminence, specific function, or any particular status e.g. Tribunal or Arabic

Controls in the naming of companies in UAE exist in order to make sure that businesses have names that don’t harm or mislead the consumers.

A common question of businesses in terms of naming companies is if they can use the name of a dissolved company. A name of a dissolved limited company may be registered if it doesn’t have any legal restrictions placed by the dissolved company.

However, should the company approve, an important appoint that need sot put into consideration is the previous reputation of the company. If it was well-known with the dissolved company being notorious for providing less than satisfactory products and services, then that can cost you potential business.

Step 2: Request to amend your company trade license.


The last step is to request for your company trade license to reflect the new name of your business. If the activity of your business is being regulated by a government department, then the amendment has to be with the specific approvals of the concerned government body. The application for the amendment also needs to be submitted together with the supporting documents.

Supporting documents will depend on the type of amendment required. In the case of the company changing of name, Initial Approval certificate, shareholders’ resolution effecting change of name (notarized and attested), statement of undertaking to honor all liabilities of company with its previous name, original incorporation certificate, and advertisement in local newspapers showing notice of company name change (in both Arabic and English) are all required. Finding the best name for your business has a significant impact on its success.

A wrong name, as you may already know, can do a lot of harm than just fail in connecting with customers. There is a chance for your business to have to go through an insurmountable legal and business hurdles. In contract, the business name that’s both clear and powerful will extremely be helpful, most especially in your branding and marketing efforts. The most crucial things to keep in mind when choosing a new business name include:

  • Conduct a thorough trademark search – trademark specialists in Dubai, in particular, offer a trademark search service to give businesses an idea on whether or not it’s possible to get a specific business name registered in UAE as a service mark or trademark.
  • Choose a catchy name – you would not want a boring business name; however, you should also not choose the one that is too quirky or ‘out there.’ What’s ideal is for your employees to say where exactly they work confidently and without hesitation. You also would want your business name to resonate, most especially with the target audience.
  • Don’t forget to get feedback on your chosen name – Come up with at least five names then run them through with your friends, trusted colleagues, and family members. Feedback is also important from your business’ target audience. Make sure that your new business name doesn’t have an existing negative connotation.

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