Clicks are essential for gamers, especially for professionals. You need to be faster than your opponents. Furthermore, every single click matters if you aim to win the prize. And not just clicks but also the speed of every single one of your clicks is also important.
And what determines the speed? Of course, how fast your fingers move. Therefore, gamers prefer using special mouse created for gamers.

However, that is not all. The speed of your internet is equally important. The solution for dealing with a bad internet connection is changing it. Or you can ask your service provider to increase the Mbps. The more Mbps you will get, the better speed you will have. And if you want to increase your hand speed, you can go to this website.

The click speed test allows you to take a test where you have to make continuous clicks. Thus, it will let you know about your speed. With regular speed tests, you will be able to become a faster clicker in a short time. Thus, when you start playing your game, your speed will already be better. There are some ways of improving your CPS.

Techniques for improving your CPS

1. Regular practice


One of the best ways to improve yourself is through regular practice. You have to train your hand to move in a certain direction. This makes your brain conscious of what you are doing. For example, if you do it for the first time, you won’t be able to click as fast as a player would do. However, if you start practicing daily, you will surely improve yourself a lot.

Therefore, if your aim is to enhance your CPS, you need a routine. Whatever you are doing on your laptop or computer, you need a good mouse and thus, you will be able to practice without especially making time of it. So whether you are editing documents or browsing through the internet, keep this thing in your mind that you need to improve your click speed. This regular practice will make you reach 3 to 6 clicks per second, which is quite a good speed.

2. Jitter clicking


This is also one of the best tricks to improve your clicking speed. Though it is more challenging but is a quite effective technique. So if you are better than regular, you should give it a try.

In this method, you have to shake the muscles of your hand and wrist area to have better control over the mouse and thus, you will be able to click as fast as possible. This muscular shaking is jitter that is actually a vibration movement. And if you practice through this method, you will reach the speed of 10 to 14 clicks per second.

3. Butterfly click technique


Another technique is the butterfly practice method. It is faster than the jitter method and you can reach a speed of 15 to 25 clicks per second. You will use two fingers on the left click and thus, will be able to reach one of the maximum speeds.

4. Drag method


This is a completely different technique for improving CPS. And this is the method that professional players use. So if you are an amateur, you won’t be able to practice this at its best. Therefore, you should start from the regular stage and then reach here gradually.

In this drag method, you will move your finger gradually starting from the top of the click button and coming down to the end of it. Thus, as your finger moves downwards, you will continuously click. As a result of this, you will reach around 100 clicks per second. Therefore, it is the fastest practicing method.

But wait…

This is not it. You cannot just practice and become a master. Tools are equally important. You cannot compete with a professional sports car racer if you are using a regular car. Likewise, if you need to improve your click rate, you need to have the right tools too.

1. Gaming mouse


The most important thing is to have a special gaming mouse for playing games. These mouse are designed especially for gamers and that is why they offer special features. So you will feel a prominent difference between your click rate when you are using a regular and mouse. The design of the gaming mouse allows more clicking rate.

2. Getting the right position

You need to pay attention to the right position of your hands. The more accurately you hold the mouse, the better performance you will have. So follow these guidelines;

  • The first thing you need to do is to relax your muscles.
  • Now hold the mouse by placing your fingers around it.
  • Never put too much pressure on the mouse. Instead, you should select a clicking method and follow it.
  • Now click continuously while keeping your mind relaxed.
  • Once you start practicing, you will have a set rhythm in your mind and you will be able to work accordingly.

However, if after doing all the practice, you are still not good enough, you need to use auto-clickers. Though you can use auto-clickers while playing with friends, but it is not legal for competitions.

Therefore, you need to follow the instructions. Apart from competitions, there are also gaming servers that do not allow auto-clicking. So have to pay attention to what you are allowed to do and what not. In this way, you will be able to play a better game.

3. Work on your speed


You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. This is something that you need to do by following the above-mentioned methods. Furthermore, regular practice will make your hand relaxed and your brain work accordingly. There are a lot of software applications that allow you to practice your skills. You can search for it and start practicing regularly.