Have you wondered, what it takes to get on the explore page of Instagram? If yes, then go through the following content to understand the tips and techniques.

The Instagram explore is an interesting feature for the brands as it allows more engagement and exposure with very little efforts. The platform keeps on updating its application and recently they came up with an all-new explore page with topic channels, shopping feed and stories with a special space for IGTV. Here is everything you need to know about the latest and brand-new Instagram special feature. There are various service providers like who provide the followers for your page and increase the engagement. It eventually results in highlight on explore page.


Something New on Instagram Explore Page

The social media portal has worked to make the platform specific to the needs of the users. When you open the explore page, it would look completely different from that of your friend. The algorithm is always monitoring your behavior on the app and accordingly it personalizes the feed in the section. Some of the great features that have been added on the app are as below:

Instagram Stories


Just like the explore page shows related posts to the one you like; it now showcases the personalized feed for stories as well. They are based on your interaction and recommends a similar kind of brands and their stories. These would be forming the account you are not following.

Shopping Feed

It has come up with the shopping feed based on your interactions with various brands and the products that have you checked. It would be similar to the recent few interactions you had on the photo sharing platform.


There has been a special and dedicated space given to the IGTV which shows the related videos and contents on the explore page.

There are chances that your posts may not be on the common section of the app and this is the reason for extra likes and engagement. It is important to understand the analytics of the posts. This can help in measuring what kind of content can easily be displayed. Take reference form this kind of posts to enter the explore arena.


You should know the time when your followers would be more active. It is really important to get as many engagements as possible. Higher the engagement means that according to the algorithm, your piece of content was worth putting on the page.

With the integration of stories in explore section, it becomes even more important to post similar content to posts in stories as well. Studies show that stories and videos have much better interaction. Creating short videos for the feed which showcases the products, can be really helpful in getting you to the explore page.

Start tagging the products in the posts and stories to appear in the shopping channel on the particular section of Instagram.

Instagram page is all about what you like and not. It is all based on your preferences and hence the page is different for the different users. However, it is really important for the businesses if they can feature on the explore page.