“Amazon’s share in the US eCommerce market touched an unbelievable mark of 49% in the year 2018.”

The above statistic is not as shocking as it may sound because the market for eCommerce is growing at a fast pace rate, and Amazon is undoubtedly at the forefront. Today, every second customer is inclining towards Amazon to fulfill his or her shopping needs.

From early shipping to a wide range of almost every product, Amazon has earned a prominent space in the eCommerce domain with its unique features. There’s no doubt in asserting that now is the time to tap into this surging development by emerging as an Amazon FBA seller.

Amazon FBA seller program helps the potential sellers who want to kick start their internet selling journey. As an Amazon FBA seller, you don’t have to fulfill the order by yourself. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship orders on your behalf.

How To Sell Brilliantly On Amazon in 2024?


“Every month, around 197 million people around the globe visit to meet their purchase requirements.”

Selling on Amazon is the best decision you can make today. Though there is fierce competition in the market, what makes you different from the competitors is how efficiently you work. With 2024 around the corner and new opportunities for the Amazon FBA sellers, it becomes essential to find ways to sell better.

Take a look at the tips below to be prepared in 2024 as an Amazon Seller.

The Power Of Tools

Not just the theoretical knowledge of the market, but sometimes the potentials of a reliable proprietary Amazon seller tool like SellerMotor also come handy in becoming successful.

The USP of Amazon business that makes it distinctive from other business ventures is its automated nature. You need to harness the potentials of tools that would help you automate and outsource the task. These tools not only can help you save tons of energy and time but also can increase your efficiency.

Stand Out From The Crowd


There are almost millions of sellers on Amazon who are selling the same products as yours. So what makes you different? To become a successful Amazon seller, you need to find the key differentiator of your products. It would help if you detected the customers’ significant concerns that your competitor is failing to address.

It is essential to look into your competitor’s business that is already successful and determine what customers love about their products. After studying the market and your competitor’s store, you would need to make necessary changes in your marketing strategies. Furthermore, addressing the pain points of your customers with copywriting will also place you in a win-win position.

Keep Your Existing Customers Close

With a new year, new trends start in the eCommerce industry, so it becomes essential to keep up with the waves. Creating a strong base of customers is a vital key to sustainable success in the Amazon market as a seller. Though targeting a new set of customers is essential, it is necessary to pay attention to the existing base as well.

They are your primary source of success. To set foot into the 2024s eCommerce market, you would need to introduce some new products, and when you launch these products, aware your existing customers about them through email lists.

It is quite evident that your customers would appreciate this little effort of yours, and it will make a significant difference in your selling journey in 2024. You can also embrace social media by creating a business account on Instagram or Facebook. It is the most refined way of audience building in an organic manner. Upload stories with clickable links to your Amazon product listings.

Create Powerful Content To Drive Customers


In today’s digital world of marketing, where customers are looking for relevant information than unrealistic promises. For a prolonged success as an Amazon seller, you would need to create content that can attract customers to your Amazon product listings. If you are dealing in a specific niche, you can create a blog or website to educate your customers regarding that niche.

This way, you can create a channel for customers to connect with your Amazon products that address their issues. You need to add relevant and engaging content that binds the customer to your page and compel them to make a purchase decision.

If you are registered with Amazon’s affiliate program and link your site with the Amazon product listing, you can earn up to 5-15% commission as well on each product purchased by clicking on the click. Isn’t it amazing? And quality content is your way towards that profound success.

Go WIDE With Keywords

Scaling high in Amazon business is ea of you keep launching new and quality products at regular intervals. Customers` needs are dynamic, and you would need improvised products that can meet such diverse requirements. With competition rising and intensifying, it has become quite daunting to find the ideal product and keep it high-ranking.

Going wide with the keywords has become the new mantra for picking products for Amazon. Once you find your perfect set of new products, it is necessary to widen your keyword research to rank higher and beat your competitors.

Products that have very few keywords say less than 150, are less likely to succeed, especially when the product has a legacy seller. You can increase the opportunities to swoop in profits by choosing products with tons of keywords. There are plenty of Amazon tools that can help you diversify your search for keywords.

The Bottom Line

“Even after locating their ideal product on the brand website, 90% of the customers visit Amazon and search for the product.”

Amazon sellers have to accurately tap into the requirements of the global customers to turn their venture successful. The above mentioned were some tips to prepare yourself as an Amazon seller for the coming 2024.