Not sure where to promote your precious website? Why not settle for Instagram. With 1 billion users per month, Instagram is one helluva platform where you can advertise your site to a massive audience.

There are more than 25 million brand accounts, and 90% of the world’s most notable brands have an Instagram account. What more do you want?

In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can drive Instagram traffic to your website. Without further ado, let’s look at these tips that will take your website from the dark corners of the internet to the limelight.

Ready? Let’s groove!

1. Add a website link to your bio


It is the easiest way to gain enormous Instagram clicks to the website. While most brands link to their homepage, it is prudent to update it once in a while. Especially when you are promoting a particular product or service.

Thankfully, there are a lot online tools that allow you to direct followers to pages and still give them an Instagram feel. So what makes a bio irresistible?

• Choose a high-quality profile pic: High-resolution photos are more appealing to your followers. However, in this situation, it would be advisable to use a high-quality logo.

• Take advantage of bio subtitle: Subtitles allow you to talk more about your business. It is similar to “meta description.” Add relevant keywords so that your account is searchable on Google.

• Add contacts: Utilize contact buttons for visitors to contact you directly on the platform.

• Choose an appropriate business category: Visitors will know what to expect even before they click their way to your website.

Keep the bio as short as possible yet captivating and straight to the point. If you need marketing, blog, or essay assistance for websites, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at

2. Why not run an Instagram Ad campaign?


It is another simple way to drive Instagram traffic to the website. The best part is that they are clickable compared to organic posts. Not to mention the addition of “learn more” CAT that significantly increases click-through-rate. Additionally, the ad allows followers to visit the page you desire directly. The beginning is the hardest part, followers number will rise slowly, but with you could jump over those first few steps by buying Instagram followers.

Ever used Facebook Ads? Then this should be a piece of cake for you. Why? Because they use a similar backend. AS such, you can target just about any audience you desire, from age, gender, location to hobbies. There’s a lot to choose from.

Luckily, you can spend just about any budget; there are no restrictions. Depending on your marketing needs, you can start with as low as $5 and scale up in relation to the results.

And for your peace of mind you can choose between:

• Video ads: They are different from organic videos since they can be 30 seconds long. They support both landscape and portrait shooting.

• Image ads: These are single photos that promote a specific story.

• Carousel ads: You can add up to four photos in a bid to tell a story.

3. Shamelessly utilize Shoppable Posts

Early last year, Instagram introduced the “Shoppable Post” feature. This feature allows visitors to purchase products directly from their feed. Additionally, it is a central feature that drives Instagram clicks to the website because followers can access product pages directly.

With numerous shoppers turning to Instagram to make purchase decisions, it is no brainer that you should use Shoppable Posts to promote your website.

So how do you create Instagram Shoppable posts?

• Create an Instagram Business account

If you have a personal Instagram account, you can convert it into a Business account by connecting it with your Facebook Business page.

• Create a product catalog on Facebook

You do this by using a Shopping Facebook page template – Settings-Edit Page-Templates. After selecting your desired template, you are presented with a shop section attribute. Finally, click Add Product and upload the necessary information such as image, descriptions, links, etc.

• Tag posts to Instagram

Once your account is approved, head over to Settings-Business Settings-Shopping and select the catalog you created in Facebook and click Done. From here, you can tag posts with desired products.

4. Utilize Instagram Stories to drive Instagram traffic to the website


Buyers are attracted to brands that provide them a personal touch in their advertising. Conventional advertising was more professional and did not relate to a large audience. Thanks to social media, you can now create promotions that are more personal and relatable.

And what better way to utilize this than use Instagram stories. They allow your business to connect with the buyers on a deeper level and significantly bolster brand trustworthiness.

Instagram stories last for 24 hours, and you can use them to tell captivating stories as well as drive Instagram clicks to the website.

Can you link a website on the Instagram story? Yes! How? With the “Swipe up” feature, you can add links to the website on Instagram story. It allows you to direct visitors to specific pages on your site. Side note, always include a call-to-action when using Swipe up feature.

5. Collaborate with Instagram influencers


It’s human nature to love things that other people like. But we desire things that our role models have a strong affinity to. And how can you utilize this psychology? Using an Instagram influencer.

The practice is popularly known as influencer marketing. Simply put, you leverage the audience and authority of the influencer in a bid to promote your website.

Although you’ll have to shell out some dollars, it is a sure way of putting your website to a broad audience. Make sure that they use strong call-to-action to drive their followers to your site.

And you should not fall for any influencer but rather those in your niche. Most influencers are welcome to free samples in exchange for promotions. So, take advantage of this disruptive move.


How do I put more than one website on my Instagram?

While you can only put one website link in your bio, you can add many links when using the “Swipe up” feature.

Additionally, you can opt for third-party apps such as Lnk.Bio, Socialise, and Linktree. They allow you to create sought of a landing page where you can add many links. Then share the link on your Instagram bio.


Final cut

As you continue to look for ways to drive Instagram traffic to the website, always remember that being authentic and relatable goes a long way to place your website on the map.

We’d like to know how you found the article. If you have additional tips, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Share! Share! Share! And help other businesses grow like yours.