In order to succeed in starting an online business, there is a list of steps that you should follow to achieve something. There are thousands of people and companies that are now successful by following these steps:

  1. Find a need and fill it
  2. Write a copy that sells
  3. Design and build a website
  4. Use SEO to increase the traffic to your website
  5. Follow up with your customers by email
  6. Increase your sales with back-end-sales and upselling

Anyone that wants to start their online entrepreneurship can benefit from this list. You can continue reading and see each step explained:

Step 1: Find a need and fill it

A lot of people first look at the products, instead of looking at the market. To increase the chances of your success, you should start with the market first. You should visit online forums to learn what problems people might have and what they need. Research the keywords in order to find out what people are searching for. And, you should also check out potential competitors and take notes on what they are doing to fill the demand. You can use what you have learned to create products for a market that already exits, plus you can do it better than your rivals.


Step 2: Write a copy that sells

There is a sales formula that will take customers through the process of selling from the moment they access the site to the moment they purchase it:

  1. Cause interest with creative headlines
  2. Describe what problems your product can solve and talk about the benefits users can get from it
  3. Establish your reputation as the solver of problems
  4. Add customer reviews
  5. Make an offer and a strong guarantee

Keep in mind that you should focus on the service or product and what it can help people with.

Step 3: Design and build a website

Once you have figured out the market and products, you are now finally ready to build your website. Remember to keep it simple, yet creative. You will have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, so here are some important things you should consider:

  1. Choose a font on a white background
  2. Make the navigation simple
  3. Use pictures, audios, and videos
  4. Include a subscription offer so that you can have the customer’s emails
  5. Make it easy for someone to purchase an item with one or two clicks
  6. Make it user-friendly

Step 4: Use SEO to increase the traffic to your website

One of the easiest ways to boost the traffic is to have pay-per-click advertising or simply PPC. Firstly, the ads will show up on the search pages instantly, and secondly, they will allow you to test out different keywords. It will immediately increase your traffic and it will also provide you with a good way to discover the keywords that are best for your site.

Step 5: Follow up with your customers by email

When you add a subscription option, you will be adding one of the most valuable benefits to your online business. Once your customers subscribe, this means that you will be giving them something that they asked for and that you are creating a relationship with them, Keep in mind that email marketing is cheaper than other options.


Step 6: Increase your sales with back-end-sales and up selling

In order to get people to buy your products or services, you can use back-end selling and up selling to get them to purchase something again, you should offer items that are similar to their original purchase, send coupons via email that they can use on their next purchase, and offer similar products on the website once they have purchased something. If you reward your loyal customers with something, they will, in return become even more loyal.

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The Internet changes almost daily; however, growing and starting an online business has not changed at all. So, if you are starting a new eCommerce business, you should try sticking to these tips to be successful.