About R&P Research

At R&P Research, we turn data Into actionable visual Insights. We make it easy for businesses and individuals to turn complex financial and difficult to find industry data into valuable, customized information, yielding actionable insights that lead to better business decisions. Our solutions are based on proprietary industry data, decision analytics, and business intelligence applications that deliver fast, accurate and actionable industry intelligence. Our platform is used by businesses and individuals to answer critical questions around market, competition, growth, and innovation.

About R&P Industry Intelligence Platform

Industry Intelligence Platform transforms lifeless industry data into beautiful visual insights, complete with ratios, charts and graphs. Our cloud-based Industry Intelligence Platform is secure, accurate, easy-to-use and fast. Only R&P Industry Intelligence Platform enables advanced Visual Information Modeling, Deep Analytics and Quick Insight Generation to help you make informed business decisions. Make R&P Industry Intelligence Platform as your single source for industry research, company analysis, business benchmarking, and value benchmarking.

R&P Industry Intelligence Platform

Transform lifeless industry data into beautiful visual insights, complete with ratios, charts and graphs

Visual Information Modeling

Gain immediate access to difficult to get industry data for quick and easy visual analysis. Find 15 years of historical metrics to quickly build visual reports with our easy to customize charting interface.

Deep Analytics

Examine in-depth profiles of targeted industries & companies. Get comprehensive fundamental data with full history and industry templates. Use inbuilt screening capabilities for wider coverage and performance benchmarks.

Quick Insight Generation

Save time and effort when you need competitive intelligence, market research, company research or vertical industry marketing data. Choose the industry, category and financial parameter and generate the required insights with a single click.

Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate easily with your peers, clients, and vendors by using Intuitive sharing and publishing options.
Multi Data Export Capabilities- CSV, Excel, PDF, Image
Direct Sharing Abilities - Mail, HTML, Embed

R&P Industry Intelligence Platform

Visual insights for better business decisions

Industry Research

Study key trends and statistics in your targeted industry. Get the industry description and data you need for business plans, investor presentations and exhaustive market research. Look outside your own industry for new ideas to make sound, creative decisions.

Company Analysis

Research a company to build a target list within your market. Use our company analysis area to identify companies based on fundamental analysis. Identify leaders and laggards. Find 15 years of historical metrics and easily chart the data or export it into excel for your own modeling.

Market Share Analysis

Use intuitive dashboards to analyze market share within specific industry. Choose companies by state, revenue category and by operating year. Import charts or get data in spreadsheets containing comparisons of companies for their financials.

Industry Benchmarking

Identify business performance improvement areas by conducting in- depth performance analysis. Using the unique “Compare to Industry Averages” tool benchmark specific financial parameters to each other and to industry averages. Use peer benchmarks to quantify short- and long-term value creation opportunities that have direct business impact.

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