It is common for companies to hire fire contractors who will install sprinklers in their buildings and prevent serious damage and fatalities in case of a fire accident. The fire contractors are installing sensors and sprinklers, along with other devices that will alarm the nearest fire department, and people in the building that there is an ongoing fire. They are also responsible for creating separate fire doors and present a strategy where people can safely leave the building in case of such an incident.

In most cases, having this equipment installed is regulated by the law, especially when it comes to public places like schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more. When it comes to the companies that are installing these devices, it is essential to hire skilled and experienced people so you can be sure that the equipment will work properly in case of an accident.

On the other side, keep in mind that there is always a chance for some malfunction of those devices. Such a problem can lead to more serious damage in the building that is under fire or cause injuries to people in it. In that matter, it is crucial to have proper insurance as a fire contractor, so you can get coverage in case of such an accident. According to, the most common type of insurance that is required is general liability. There are other models available as well.

Reasons to Get Insurance


It is always a good idea to get proper coverage no matter what sort of business you have. Consider the fact that your workers are responsible to properly install the equipment that can prevent serious damage and save lives. Therefore, in case that some errors occur with these devices, your company will be responsible. If you don’t have proper protection, you might face serious legal issues and bankruptcy. Also, there is a chance that some of your employees could get injured during work, and having good coverage will help you to avoid paying for medical expenses.

What Types You Need?

General Liability


As we already mentioned, this is the most common model of protection. It represents the basic model of insurance that will cover expenses related to the damage of property or injuries. It will compensate the expenses for those cases, as well for legal issues where the client might sue you if there is proof that your devices didn’t work properly during the fire.

When it comes to general liability for fire contractors, it will protect them from losses if your workers or equipment somehow damage the facility. The most preferable model of insurance should consist of proper training insurance, system installation, and security, coverage for the systems installed in the buildings, along with other aspects of your business.

Compensation for the Workers

This is another common choice that most companies that are installing fire protection are choosing. It is very important because your workers might get into various accidents while installing the equipment, especially when it comes to large facilities. This model will protect you and cover expenses in case that some of your workers get injuries, permanent disabilities, along with the additional expenses related to medical care and the rehabilitation process.

Pollution Coverage


People are getting more focused on decreasing pollution, especially in the last two decades. That leads to strict laws and regulations where you might face serious legal issues if someone sues you for making an impact on the environment at any level. In case that anyone sues you for that, the insurance will cover the expenses. However, you have to prove that the impact was not intentional.

Commercial Insurance

This is a great option to be sure that you won’t be responsible if some of your people damage the facility where they are installing the fire protection. For example, they might drop some tools, and if they cause damage to anyone, the coverage will pay for the medical expenses. Another advantage is that you can add a coverage for your tools as well. Since you are using a lot of equipment that might break over time, it is a great solution to secure it this way, so you can avoid additional expenses.

Vehicle Coverage


This is a standard model that is used by most companies. Since you will also have vehicles for your workers, this type of basic coverage will cover the expenses if the vehicles get damaged to in case of malfunctions.


The price depends on the size of your business and how many facilities your workers are covering. It is essential to choose a plan that will be available to cover all of the expenses. The most common option is the model that can cover up to $2 million in expenses, and it will cost you around $100 per month.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing when you are looking to get insurance as a fire protection company is to make sure that you will combine all of the most important models in it. Those models are should cover fire protection devices, installations, maintenance, inspection, sprinklers, sensors, alarms, along with the security of your workers, compensation for potential injuries, and more.

Keep in mind that the process of installation of these systems might require methods that have a higher potential to damage the property of your client. Also, there is a chance that your workers might make mistakes during the installation, which can result in  malfunctions. Like with any other business, especially contractors, you should never avoid getting a proper coverage plan.

Even when you are sure that your workers have proper skills and experience, keep in mind that there is always a chance for some accidents. Facing this type of issue can lead to huge losses, and you may end up in bankruptcy in the end. In the end, before you choose a plan, we suggest you explore the market and look for the best solution that will cover each aspect of your profession.