Do you know that you can claim all your damages in case of a personal injury due to another person’s fault? Yes, you read it right. Such settlements are referred to as personal injury settlements. But do you know what the most significant amount paid as damage in such a case was? Read this guide below to find out the most prominent injury settlement amount ever.

The top settlement in the entire history ever was the burning case, wherein the punitive damage was $150 billion. Some of the other largest cases were the Tobacco case, General Motors Auto Defect, and diluted cancer drugs settlements. In some cases, the jury compensates medical expenditures and future income for the sufferings and punitive damages to the victims.

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Read below to find the largest injury settlement in world history. But before that, it is essential to have a basic understanding of such cases and how these settlements work.

Understanding Personal Injury Settlement

From a broader perspective, it can be defined as a legal agreement between the victim and the guilty wherein the victim or injured is compensated through money for all the damage claims imposed on the person at fault.

Simply put, the person who caused injury or harm to a person or family can legally compensate the injured to dismiss the claims. Typically, dismissing the claims at a very early stage is very challenging. Hence, it is recommended to hire an experienced attorney as he is well-versed in the entire working of such cases.

These settlements include a variety of personal injury incidents, such as medical malpractice, car accidents, defective products, and slip and fall accidents. The other incidents may include wrongful death, workplace injuries, dog bites, and defamation. Also, if you are residing in Las Vegas and have been injured in a casino, Las Vegas Casino Injury Attorneys may help you get the correct claim.

Since the procedure is quite challenging, getting help from experienced injury lawyers is advisable. In some cases, the jury may award medical expenses and compensates for the loss of wages and the sufferings of a person or family. Besides, it can also award punitive damages to the victim(s).

Largest Personal Injury Settlement

You might be wondering what is the largest settlement ever. Well, here is your answer. The burning case has topped the list. In this terrible case, an 18-year-old boy named Robert Middleton, who lived in Texas, was raped by a 13-year-old teenager Don Willburn Collins. Further, to hide the rape, Collins tied him to a tree and set Middleton on fire using gasoline. The boy later died due to skin cancer that was suggested to have been caused due to the burns, even though the boy sustained 99% of his burns.

Later, Middleton’s family filed a lawsuit against Collins while he was in prison for another rape case of an eight-year-old boy. The jury awarded $150 billion under the section of wrongful death. It is the highest amount ever paid to date.

There are several other cases that might leave you amazed. Continue reading to find out.

Some Other Largest Settlements

Listed below are some of the top settlements that have ever happened. The tobacco case, General Motors Auto Defect, and diluted cancer drugs settlements were among a few wherein the damage reached 11-figure deals. Read below to find out about these cases in depth.

The Tobacco Case

In this case, Betsy Bullock, a cigarette consumer from the age of 17, became a victim of lung cancer when he turned older. He was awarded $28 billion by the jury and compensated an additional $850,000. Another tobacco case included Cynthia Robinson, who claimed that Reynolds did not make the consumers aware that smoking can cause lung cancer. It is because her husband Johnson died at the age of 36, and he had been a smoker since his teenage years. The jury eventually awarded her around $23 billion for the same.

General Motors Auto Defect Case

This is a 1993 case wherein the Anderson family filed a lawsuit against General Motors. Here, the entire Andersin family, including Patricia Anderson, Jo Tigner, and four kids, were driving in a Chevy Malibu on Christmas eve. However, the fuel tank suddenly blasted, and all four kids sitting in the backseat were heavily injured and burnt. The family claimed that it was the company’s fault that they placed the fuel tank placed improperly, which led to the incident.

It was later revealed that the car even failed the vehicle testing several times. It was also evident that the mechanical team considered repositioning the fuel tank to save a few dollars, keeping the customers’ lives at stake. The jury awarded around $4.9 billion to the Anderson family. However, the amount is said to have been reduced further to approximately $1.09 billion.

Diluted Cancer Drugs Settlements

In this case, Georgia Hayes was compensated $2.2 billion after she developed ovarian cancer and accused a pharmacist named Courtney of giving her diluted cancer drugs. Several other medical expenses were also provided to her.

Final Thoughts

Injury settlements are a wise initiative offered by legal institutions to compensate the victims for their sufferings and expenses. These deals have reached up to 11 figures. Some of the most famous cases were the burning case, the tobacco case, and the General Motors Auto Defect case that amassed great deals from the accused. In case you are also struggling with personal injuries due to someone else, you may seek help from a reliable attorney.