Apparel fulfillment services are more complicated and time-consuming than standard eCommerce order fulfillment. It entails coping with sudden rises in order surges during peak seasons, logistical issues caused by selling across many channels, and sophisticated inventory management due to many smaller parcels.

There is also a requirement to handle a large number of garment returns, as well as an increased need for unique packaging (the better the unboxing experience, the better value attached to the apparel, and the higher the client satisfaction). Above all, there is a need or demand for quick delivery.

Fulfilling your customer’s expectations is a sure-fire approach to growing your online clothes company. Third-party logistics (3PL) is a fantastic technique (resource) to manage all parts of your garment fulfillment.

With all the labor required for a successful garment fulfillment, no third-party shipping business will suffice.

When hiring an apparel fulfillment partner ensure they check the boxes below to ensure effective order fulfillment.

Broad Global Reach

Outsourcing apparel fulfillment to a global order fulfillment partner gives you the tools and ability to expand and service your market on a global scale.


To guarantee customer happiness and long-term company success, you must collaborate with clothing fulfillment services to ensure that all customers in diverse geographical places get the proper orders as soon as possible. This necessitates that your fulfillment partner maintains a worldwide network of warehouses (order fulfillment centers) with pick-and-pack services and an effective carrier (delivery) system.

Integration of Sales Channels and Marketplaces

Most online apparel shops increase revenue by selling via several sales channels and marketplaces such as Shopify and Amazon. This implies that your order fulfillment partner should have a centralized platform connecting all your marketplaces.

Apparel fulfillment services should employ cutting-edge technology (software) that links your marketplaces/sales channels into one dashboard. This gives you (the company owner) real-time information on all elements of order fulfillment across all platforms.

For example, the software immediately notifies you of all marketplace orders and their progress. You may see the number of orders that have been dispatched, their carriers, how long it takes to complete each order, the number of successful deliveries, and so on.

Possessing real-time information and an omnichannel distribution network allows you to keep up with order fulfillment. It enables you to send fashion products to buyers in various marketplaces in the least amount of time feasible.

Global Warehousing Security Solutions


What exactly does this mean? A good warehouse management system should be in place for your garment fulfillment. Well-managed warehouses have efficient and well-defined procedures that guarantee all inbound orders are handled methodically and seamlessly.

Clothing 3PL firms could also provide low-cost storage for inventory, equipment, and employees. Not only do these facilities have efficient systems and people that handle your inventory and order fulfillment properly. They also use cutting-edge technology and security to secure the safety of your merchandise.

Efficient Inventory Control Unit (SKU)

A management SKU is a code number representing the smallest unit of a product or inventory.

Most online customers prefer to purchase smaller packages than bigger ones. As a result, to fulfill the rising demand, most online clothing companies sell a greater number of SKUs.

Handling and maintaining such a large number of SKUs is tough. It requires a significant amount of room, people, and time.

Your clothing fulfillment partner can assist you in managing SKU inventory more effectively and efficiently. It features a streamlined methodology and technology that mainly controls the large SKU count and keeps up with changing fashion trends and seasons, allowing you to manage SKU demand and supply adjustments easily.

Add-On Services for Your Products


A product is only as good as its packaging or presentation. When your customers place purchases for various clothing, they pay a charge to guarantee they get the finest service and customer experience possible.

You must work with a reliable fulfillment partner like AMS Fulfillment to satisfy your customers’ requirements. Their partner’s expertise in the garment sector enables them to understand which goods, although created independently, are marketed and packaged together, such as scarves and socks.

A good partner also offers low-cost personalized packaging, which improves your consumers’ experience while unboxing your items.

Return System that is Dependable and Efficient

Refunds are a common occurrence in the online fashion industry. Also, most online fashion retailers have higher purchase return rates than established firms. This heightens the need for a fully functional and efficient return system or procedure.

As a result, you should use an order fulfillment provider specializing in apparel fulfillment. This 3PL firm already has mechanisms in place to accept, verify, and record returns, improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Excellent Support During Peak Seasons


Ecommerce clothing stores have specific days of the year when they offer enticing deals to their customers. They provide steep discounts to reward customers, advertise their shops, and eliminate excess inventory.

These massive discount periods, like Black Friday sales, attract many buyers worldwide, significantly increasing store sales. The increasing demand for clothing leads to a rise in orders, queries, and returns. You cannot handle all of the order fulfillment pressure on your own as a business located in one part of the country.

An experienced clothing fulfillment partner understands the intricacies of peak season fulfillment and has processes in place to guarantee that you meet all of your order fulfillment obligations without a hitch during this season.

Affordable and fast shipping

If there is one area in which your apparel fulfillment partner should excel is if they offer quick (expedited) delivery at a reasonable price in any situation.

Your 3PL firm should have many order fulfillment facilities dispersed worldwide, increasing its closeness to all of your customers. Thus, after the order is completed, their system routes it to the warehouse nearest to the customer. The order fulfillment branch packs and sends the goods as quickly as possible.

Moreover, your garment fulfillment partner should operate with various carriers that, without losing delivery time, provide free, inexpensive, or reduced rates.