The human body is quite complex, and it is undoubtedly the most complex machine existing in the known world. It is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell has its own internal organelles and genetic material. Each cell itself is a piece of complex structure. It is difficult to comprehend how these trillions of cells working alone can synchronize their activities with each other.

Body cells communicate with each other in many known and unknown ways. Nonetheless, we can broadly divide all the controlling mechanisms in the body into a few categories. First, communication in the human body occurs via chemical end electrical messages. Thus, hormones may cause a vast number of metabolic changes. But similarly, the electric signal from the brain may cause complex changes in the body, not just muscle contractions.

Modern medicine has wisely and effectively explored the chemical messenger system in the body. All pharmacological drugs work by modulating the chemical system in the body, tissues, and cells. However, fewer efforts have been made to deploy electric signals for managing health conditions.

What is PEMF technology?

PEMF tries to do precisely what has been missing from traditional medicine. It uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to modulate body functions. Like you have different drugs, different kinds of PEMF impulses can modulate various tissues and influence different body functions.

It is a pretty simple technology that uses a coil, generally built inside a mat. This coil provides low-energy electromagnetic impulses to the body. The shape, frequency, and intensity of these waves are controlled with the help of an electronic controller.

One may ask if it is safe? Yes, it is safe, as electromagnetic impulses are of very low frequency and have very low energy levels. It almost imitates the earth’s magnetic field but at a slightly higher energy level.


That is why one of the early adaptors of the technology was NASA. Hence, it would be right to say that PEPF is the technology with its origins at the beginning of the space age.

Researchers at NASA knew that when astronauts are outside in space, their anabolic processes slow down considerably. It is because humans have evolved to live within the realm of the earth’s electromagnetic waves. Thus, they came up with a technology that could stimulate various cells subtly, like the earth’s magnetic field.

Here, it is vital to understand that there are many electro impulses even outside earth. However, those electro impulses are of high frequency and energy and thus pose a health threat.

To further explain why PEMF is safe in comparison to other electromagnetic waves, just take an example of light. Visible light is safe for the human body. If we reduce frequency beyond the visible range, it becomes infrared, which is still good for health. However, higher frequencies above the visual range are UV, X-rays, and gamma rays. So, as one can see, the risk is in high frequency and not in low frequency.

An image is worth a thousand words. As one can see in the image above that, PEMF is a very low spectrum and highly safe. This is because the human body has evolved to live in such waves, and the presence of such an electromagnetic field is even essential for its existence. However, when applied using devices, it may even help manage disease conditions.

How PEMF technology works/ its mechanism of action?

Here it is vital to understand that mechanism of action of PEMF therapy is not fully understood yet. Moreover, since PEMF influences the working of cells and tissues, it is highly challenging to understand its various influences on body functions.

Nonetheless, researchers suggest there are three types of effects of PEMF; physical, biophysical, and pure biological.


It all starts with a prolonged application of PEMF, which results in plasma membrane polarization and the opening of calcium channels in cells. This activates innumerable pathways inside the cells. This effect starts within seconds of minutes of PEMF therapy. However, the biological effects of these biophysical changes continue for several hours and even days.

It results in increased production of NO, cellular energy production, transcription of various proteins, and changes in gene expression. This may cause quick changes at a cellular level, further affecting tissues and tissue regeneration.

Even the effect of a single PEMF séance may last for several weeks. However, this action can be consolidated through the daily application of PEMF, resulting in more significant health benefits.

Regular use of PEMF may considerably alter the way tissues work. This is especially good for boosting regenerative processes and increasing the production of various bioactive substances. Thus, PEMF is particularly good for boosting wound healing, depression, and many other health conditions.

Final thoughts

PEMF is a natural, safe, and subtle way of modulating various tissue functions. It is good for prolonged use and can help in a range of health conditions. It is beneficial for preventing and treating most chronic ailments. It is especially good for managing mitochondrial dysfunction, which may explain many of its beneficial health effects.

What is wonderful about PEMF is that it is a pretty simple piece of instrument. It means that there are almost negligible chances of any device breaking down. Generally, one can use PEMF devices for years without any issues.


Further, it is a therapy that is highly safe to combine with other treatment modalities. For example, it means safe to combine with infrared, photon light, hot stone, and other treatments. Moreover, the benefits of these various therapies are additive.

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