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5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Reception Area for Your Office – 2021 Guide

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Every office needs a reception area, so what you should consider before opting for a particular design or peculiar form are various options and the purpose they should serve. The reception area of your company is not only a place where customers arrive and afterward continue to the department of their interest, moreover, it also speaks about the whole company and should present the gest with a strong statement greeting them with something other than mere words. Therefore, read through the following lines and learn about what tips and tricks for designing you should use in order to make your reception area perfect.

1. Your Brand Commences at the Reception Area

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People often go to various companies for a reason, but what they cannot experience twice is the first impression. Therefore, they probably have certain expectations even before setting foot in the building, so your job is to mesmerize them, no matter what your area of expertise is. Namely, you should design your reception area in a way that it supports what your business is all about. Thus, you would want to encourage a businesslike atmosphere if your company provides consulting, but that would be inappropriate if you sell gardening equipment. The secret lies in details, so you would want to insert certain elements closely related to the type of service you provide. So, try to apply the essence of what you do to the reception area and make your customers aware of what awaits them further.

2. The Seating

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People often wait when they are in reception areas so what you should worry about is to make their time as least tiring as possible. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the chairs you set up in the lobby meet certain standards. No matter how this segment might seem irrelevant, it is where your potential customer gets introduced to your company before any words are exchanged. Surely, comfort comes first, so you should pick the models that enable cosines. Never forget about the first section and choose the models according to the style of your company. When you finally pick the type you feel good with, do make sure you have enough chairs to support multiple guests since leaving someone without a seat would speak badly about your reputation.

Finding adequate pieces of furniture might prove to be a difficult task, especially when you need a particular model or a piece with specific characteristics. Apart from the reception area, serious companies consider acquiring matching furniture for the rest of the departments, in order to maintain a certain vibe throughout the whole establishment. Visit NFO and learn about different variants and potential solutions for your space and find out about how different materials combine with distinctive rooms.

3. The Lighting

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Lighting is one of the crucial elements to consider when designing a reception area because the way it radiates affects the customers from the moment they step in the room. Certain types of illumination are more cherished than others, and precisely because of that the natural light has no competition. Unfortunately, not every space is endowed with a natural source of light, so additional amends are a must. Namely, if you are not lucky enough to use natural lighting, you should consider utilizing sources that provide soft light, such as various lamps and lanterns, rather than aggressive lightings. Surely, if the nature of your job asks for it, feel free to use more prominent light in order to support your cause. The thing about the lighting is that it affects the mood of your customers, so use this knowledge to your advantage when making a selection.

4. The Color

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Choosing the color is not much different from the former important factors listed above, since they also play a vital role and affect the mood of people facing it. So, by combining different variants you can prepare your potential customer for what follows and influence their mood. Cold colors such as blue will make your client feel alerted, why warm colors such as yellow and red will induce more pleasant feelings and relaxation. On the other hand, if you opt for white, which is neutral, you will not stimulate any particular emotions. Since these are the basics, what you should do is combine various colors to get to where you want and cause a certain effect. Surely, solely having color on its own would not do much. On the other hand, having a combination of carefully picked dyes and shades stylized in a certain fashion should make a huge difference.

5. Technology

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Since we are constantly surrounded by various gadgets and we spend most of our free time looking at a screen, a laptop or that of a mobile device what you should worry about is not to take away that form of entertainment from potential clients when they wait for their turn at the reception area. The basic thing you should consider is providing your clients with free Wi-Fi so they could surf the internet while they wait. Making that possible is nothing expensive, and it shows your clients that you care. Apart from the basics, you might want to consider installing a widescreen TV where either company-related content or anything you consider would be interesting to your clients should be streamed. Not only will you make sure that your customers are not bored while they wait in line, but you should also hint them with a particular material and make them think about the material you decide to play on the TV, discretely promoting your company.

With the implementation of the aforementioned pieces of advice on how to use certain tips to your advantage when designing a reception area for your office, you should have no trouble making an ideal space for the guests of your company. The reception area represents an entrance hall to your company, therefore, adequate funds and special devotion should be dedicated to its form. After all, since it speaks for itself, construct it in a way that it talks only in superlatives about what awaits the one who enters your company!