Whether you are getting your phone repaired or you are getting your laptop repaired, the whole process of giving your device to someone who is good with what they are doing can be an arduous one. After all, your gadgets are not only expensive but can possibly contain sensitive information that we don’t want to lose in any circumstances, and if you do end up losing them, you would be in more trouble than you might think.

Whatever the case might be, for anyone looking for a good place to get started, Starlabs repair is always recommended thanks to how good they have been over the past couple of years with their services. Not only are they good in repairing your iPhones or your MacBooks, they are also great at repairing other devices from different manufacturers.

This has been the one stop for a lot of people as far as the repairs are concerned, so you should never really overlook the experience, to begin with. Now, if you are looking to hire a repair service, we urge you to ask them some questions before simply giving them your laptop or your phone. This is a way of being certain that you are not walking in blindsided. So, let’s have a look, shall we?

What is The Expected Amount I Am to Pay?


While this is not always necessary, when you are getting your devices repaired, it is better that you are asking the repair service about the expected amount that you are to pay. I know it might sound like you are in a hurry or you are trying to strike a deal but it is more or less just you trying to figure out a budget, and that is it.

Most technicians will tell you in advance about how much you should be expecting to pay, but in case they don’t, there is nothing wrong in asking that and you will be in the right hands too, when you do. So, go ahead and clear out your doubts if you have any as that is the right way to go forward.

Do You Have The Appropriate Certification?


Did you know that repair services that are available around the world require appropriate certifications and licenses to operate? I know it sound crazy but without that, they are not allowed to operate and it makes sense too because anyone can open up shop and start offering repairs, and their repairs might be good too, but they are rarely ever backed by warranty, so you are more or less leaving everything to fate.

Now, the best thing that you can do when you find yourself in a situation when you have to hire someone for the repairing service is ask them if they have the appropriate certification and licenses that are required to operate.

This alone tells a lot about how good the service is going to be or how average it is going to be, so it is better that you are asking about it, in the first place.

What Warranty Will You Offer Me?


One more question that you can and should ask is about the warranty that is being offered. After all, you are getting your laptop or your phone repaired. So, it is only fair that you are inquiring about whether there is a warranty or not. Since we are on the topic of a warranty, there can be two types of warranty here.

One of the type here is going to be a warranty on the repair that they done. Meaning that if something goes wrong with the repair itself, they will fix this. For instance, if they have removed the back panel and placed it back on the phone and the back panel is not fitted properly, they will provide you with proper installation for free.

The other type of warranty here is the warranty that they are going to be offering you on the parts. This means that if the replacement parts that they use, if they use any, will be backed by the warranty provided to you by the repair service.

It is always better that you are asking this question just so you can clear out any confusion right from the start.

Do You Use OEM Parts?


I think this is one of the most important questions to ask whenever you are getting something repaired is asking them if they are using OEM parts or not. A simple question, yes. But something that can have a massive impact, to be honest.

OEM parts mean original parts that are brought straight from the manufacturer, and the reason why these parts are better because they are guaranteed to work and return your phone in the best possible condition, which really means that you should not really have any issues, to begin with.

However, it is also important to know that due to phone and laptop manufacturers making third party repairs difficult by limiting the supply of official parts, it might be difficult to have OEM parts available. 

Still, still does not mean that all the repair services are going to be the same. Still, it is better that you are asking this question beforehand just so you know that you are choosing the service that can cater to your needs.


Whether you are getting your iPhone repaired or any other phone or laptop, for that matter. The truth is that you should always look for good places to get things sorted out. There is no point in choosing something that is not good enough or is subpar.

After all, you are paying a good amount of money, so it is only fair that you are relying on someone who is good with what they do. Rest assured, we are here to help you get through your repair woes and any questions you might have will be answered, and all your requests will be catered to, as well.