The modern age allowed us to look for jobs that fit all of our criteria with little hassle. Just scouring through the internet can net you a lot of job ideas or even some employment. The field of real estate has also become a lot more accessible, with the variety of courses and guidelines available online as well as in real life.

The universal benefit of such a career is that it’s very easy to get started in, requiring a few months at most to get a certificate. However, the key benefits of any career lay in how it aligns with our requirements. The real estate field is no different, requiring certain behavior from you while offering good pay and other benefits in return.

The requirements’ impact will vary heavily from person to person, fitting the lifestyle of some while being impossible to hold up to others. Let’s see what personal opinions and behavior can mean for your career in real estate.

You want to be your own boss


The usual benefit of having somebody above you in a labor hierarchy is that they accomplish all the paper business while you are on the field. However, it comes with fewer chances to choose your jobs and clients. This can result in unsatisfying jobs where you have to indulge in an overlong interaction with jobs you don’t want.

If you are a person who values flexibility and choice over avoid paperwork career like real estate may be just what you need. It’ll allow you to be your own boss, becoming an independent contractor that can control their own business without any interference. All decisions are yours to make no matter whether it’s the type of clientele you service or the working conditions.

However, it also comes with a lot more responsibility. You are the one always networking, filling up all the necessary paperwork, marketing, and propagating yourself to clients. The attitude you have will reflect the whole business even harder now that you are at the top of it. Although if you chose this career due to its individuality, these traits may be exactly what you wanted. Keep in mind the job can always be spread out to other employees if you decide to expand your business.

On the other hand, joining an already established company is also an option for those more at home in an already organized workplace. Joining a company rather than holding your own can be both a backup plan in case the private business doesn’t pan out or a great way of gathering necessary knowledge and experience to increase your chances of success in a solo career.

You demand more flexibility in your schedule


No matter whether a real estate agent works alone or with a company, they will enjoy exponentially more flexibility than regular jobs. While the daily 9 to 5 grind is a defining characteristic of most jobs, real estate agents set their schedules that conform to their daily activities.

Take into account the number of clients you’ll have too, slower days will leave you with less work. There is also a disparity between clients’ demands. While some may require standard engagement and put very little strain on your daily endeavors others will be a lot more demanding.

In case flexibility of schedule is something attractive to you in a career real estate career has you covered, for reasons we’ve laid out before. However, do keep in mind the flexibility may come as a detriment at times or that it won’t be respected by some employers.

The flexibility of schedule also reflects on you being flexible with your schedule at times to accommodate clients and can be tough to uphold to those people who prefer their schedule be set in stone. Consider whether this is an issue for you before indulging fully in real estate.

You like marketing


Of course, there’s no reason to get into real estate if you aren’t already invested in selling things to people. The job isn’t only about selling the items you scouted, it’s also about selling your services.

There’s a lot of marketing to be done in the job daily so those who aren’t keen on it will find this as a stumbling block in their career. On the other hand, those fully immersed in marketing should look no further than real estate.

You are good at socializing and holding conversations


A huge amount of socializing is mandatory for a real estate agent. They will frequently have to network, go to social gatherings, share their contact information, and find every possible way to increase their web of contacts. No matter whether you’ll end up as part of a company or work on your own, contacts is important.

However, you can’t just be blunt about your business with people. It’s all about properly engaging with them and indulging in some friendly interaction before considering them as a contact. That will help you gather more information on the person and their viability as a potential business partner while also allowing for some enjoyable conversation to unfold.

Knowing how to hold a genuine conversation while hinting at your business interests is very important to any real estate agent. The second important item is having a place to manage and organize these contacts when you acquire them. There is a multitude of ways for keeping in touch such as social media, phone numbers, or other devices and software with the same purpose.

Online services like IXACT Contact can help you create a whole web of contacts in a single place, removing the stress that comes from shifting through multiple social media for different clients. Lastly, your personality will be extremely impactful to achieving a successful career. Most sociable people will find themselves at home with a real estate career but those less savvy in these situations may struggle so take an introspective look and determine what group you fall into.


The real estate field is all about attitude and personality, heavily relying on your engagement with the clients both in and outside of the workplace. If this field interests you be ready to be on the move constantly, whether it’s scouting or having drinks with a potential client.

The number of ways you can increase your chances of success completely depends on the behavior you exhibit. In case all the above traits are something you are looking for and possess then real estate may be a good career for you.