Real estate is one of the fastest-growing businesses in today’s world. Many people opt for this business, and their business flourishes well with the proper knowledge and information.

Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is famous for its rich culture and majestic views. The country represents a combination of the ancient and modern world and has beautiful properties in which one can settle or invest.

The country has a tremendously fertile environment for the growth and success of the real estate business. Turkish real estate allows all the investors to indulge and invest in the properties and benefit from them.

But before you enter this field, you must learn all about the strategies, steps, and everything needed to succeed and do well. In this extensive guide, you will learn about the steps and other things associated with real estate in turkey.

Tips For Investment In Real Estate In Turkey


Mentioned below are the few tips that one should follow if they want to invest in real estate in Turkey:

Study The Market Properly

First, before buying a property or land in Turkey, you must thoroughly and accurately check everything associated with the property market, its present situation, and the future. It is easy to encounter. It is the first tip towards success and profit, making the right choice without leaving room for opposition.

To have accurate and elaborated information and data about it, it is necessary to learn about all the legal laws connected to the buying of real estate by outsiders or foreigners in Turkey and to check the market situation and selling and buying movements.

Manage Your Budget

One crucial detail to remember is to keep an eye on your capital. Is it adequate to cover the whole cost of buying a place or property in Turkey, or do I need to take a money loan from a private bank?

Relying on debt creates another problem in paying off debt, so always select a property that does not harm your budget.

Take Advice From An Expert


Many people have the idea that they can buy Turkish property independently without hiring a real estate company or a professional consultant. Still, in reality, a person who lacks the experience in the Turkish property market might face many obstacles and they will face difficulties.

With many years of experience in the business in Turkish real estate , we have many excellent housing and opportunities in investment on our doorstep, thanks to good relationships with leading construction companies.

Choose The City Which Suits You

First, you need to choose a Turkish city that is suitable for your investment goals, so you need to search each one and check out their specifications and features, as well as the leading real estate projects which are available in them.

Undoubtedly, every city or place in Turkey has its own merits and characteristics. Still, if you look at the monthly and annual statistics of the Statistics Office of Turkey, Istanbul always tops the list as the utmost state-owned country and ranks first.

Choose The Region

In this tip, it is essential to know that no investment characteristics characterize all areas or that owning property in those areas can offer better profits and extravagant returns. There is something. Invest in Turkish cities.

Areas near infrastructure projects.

The new property is much better than the old property.

Choose a region where the city is overgrowing.

Select a region with public transportation available.

Choosing The Best Time

A wise investor is someone who decides to buy a flat or other different type of property in Turkey at the appropriate time. If one wants to sell, they should choose a time when the price is high.

Situations For Investing In Turkey’s Real Estate


There are agreements about the significance of investment in real estate in Turkey and how easy it is to start this project due to the many privileges offered by the Turkish government. The Turkish government is at the top of the list of choices for foreigners and investors and surpassed many central European countries.

All this does not nullify the presence of many other restrictions, and one must respect all the conditions. These are detailed below.

Holders of Cuban Citizenship – Syrian – Armenian– North Korean – Greek Cypriots cannot own property in the country and are not banned except for these nationalities due to Turkey decreeing her 2012. It was after the country eradicated the reciprocity principle.

Foreigners cannot own property in military areas of Turkey.

In various regions of Turkey, a person may not possess more than 30 hectares of land.

If the real estate assets percentage owned by foreigners in an area or municipality exceeds 10%, the Land Registry Office will decide to stop issuing licenses.

Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate


The investor’s decision to invest in Turkey was not a waste but a natural consequence of the number of benefits they could receive.

Laws Between Foreigners And Turks

The main advantage of wanting to invest in Turkish real estate is that everything that applies to Turks also applies to foreigners, so there are no differences among foreigners and Turks in the context of the laws enforced.

Ownership Is Limited

While all the other countries in the world only allow the termination of outsider ownership of the real estate to the 99th year, Turkey has no restrictions, and children can acquire the property after the demise of their parents.

 Prices Are Low

Real estate prices in Turkey are low and affordable if they are compared to the costs in other European and American nations and other Arab nations.

Real estate prices in the country are 50-60% cheaper than those in East of Europe and 80-90% cheaper than those in West of Europe, according to a report by the Times of America.


To conclude, one must gather all the information and necessary data before getting into the real estate business. This field has a lot of competition, and one should be careful with every little step one takes while investing in Turkish real estate. Ensure that all your documentation and paperwork are correct and in order.