If the years passed since you last completed your business resume, then you should consider reviewing it and renewing it. Today, in the competitive job market, when most jobs are done online, the resume still plays a big role. Therefore, read our 10 tips on making a resume that will help you get hired instantly.

Why Is The Resume So Significant Step Towards Employment?

We’ve often seen warnings that the recruiter or hiring manager reviews your CV on average just 6 seconds before making a decision? While these are discouraging statistics, there are many things you can do to take advantage of those 6 seconds, career experts say. How do you write a CV resume that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants and keeps the recruiter’s attention? Here are some tips.

1. Explore Companies In The Industry


Be aware of what you want to do first – and then research companies in the industry. Investigate their values, goals, how much they have grown in the last few years, how they treat their customers and their employees – and what reviews on social media, Google, and the like say about them. Then single out 20 companies you would really like to work for. Does their way of communication suit you? Do you like the services and products they offer, as well as their presence on the market? That is up to you to decide.

2. Customize Your CV Summary To Each Ad You Apply To


Sending hundreds of resumes and waiting for some of them to be received will not work. According to experts in HR – applying for a job is a matter of quality and not quantity. It is impossible to make one CV resume that will fit all jobs. Therefore, you should make sure you do your research. Take a look at the job description, visit LinkedIn, and look for other people who have had such or a similar job. Although you cannot change your work experience or where you have worked or in what position – you can influence which of your skills, responsibilities, and achievements you will emphasize.

3. There Is No Right Length For Your Resume


There is no universally valid rule of length – but approach it reasonably and with restraint. In most cases, the CV summary is on two pages. Still, for someone who recently graduated, one page is just fine – while for someone with a 30-year career who has been employed in several organizations, 3 pages would be more appropriate.

4. Be Sure The Information You Provide Is Clear


At the top, list 3 to 4 sentences that describe your previous working experience and the stage in your career. This should be in line with the job you are applying for. Next, you need a list of skills that attract attention. Although you always write your resume for the people to read them – a part of the recruitment process is done automatically. If your application is not ranked to a certain level – recruiters simply will not even spend time reviewing it.

5. Seek The Services Of A Professional


We know that it is not entirely possible to put together what we want to say into a single whole. Many at the beginning of their careers do not even know how to write a CV correctly and what rules to follow. Fortunately, on sites like, you can seek the help of professionals in this business. They will make sure to help you compile a perfect CV that will clear all your advantages, and yet be clear enough, accurate, and free of spelling mistakes or bad looks and format.

6. Recruiters Don’t Always Know Everything About The Job You Are Applying For


For a good summary, list all your relevant skills – we underline – all your relevant skills. Many candidates assume that recruiters will know that they can do a particular job – but recruiters may have very little experience with the job you are applying for – and may not have an idea of how it actually works. So never assume that recruiters know everything.

7. Enter The Keywords


For those who apply through automated systems, it is important to add more keywords to their skills list. This way you will be sure that the applicant tracking system will recognize – and include you. To identify keywords, consider how you would search for this specific role in the database. For example, if you work in human resources and use payroll software, list exactly the type of software you have experience with. Also, consider including the phrases listed in the job description – as they could contain keywords that recruiters will also use during the search.

Applicant tracking systems like Recruit CRM use Boolean search as well as advanced filters to help recruiters find candidates that match the exact job description and requirements that they are looking for. Therefore, you should be as specific as possible when writing your resume to match the requirements given in the job description.

8. Don’t Neglect Your Achievements


While wondering how to write a CV resume, don’t forget to list your awards and achievements in your resume. Many candidates have difficulty talking about their accomplishments, but there is always something you have done that has helped your organization – and that is why companies would like to hire you. For example, if you are an administrative assistant – your accomplishments could be efficiency or time management. Keep in mind that there are so many people with the same skills, so think about what makes you stand out?

9. Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile


How to write a resume is just one part of the job. With LinkedIn, the point is that one profile has to match all the potential jobs – because that’s the challenge. That’s why your profile should reflect the job you want. It should also serve as an extension of your biography. You could show a little more of your personality. Many employers will compare your CV to your LinkedIn profile – so the dates and details should match. You should also make sure you have a recent photo – as employers may be suspicious if this is not the case. In addition to improving your LinkedIn profile, you can find other ways to stand out. Create a personal website, where you could post a video in which you appear because such a move can be impressive. It can show your personality and help you remember.

10. Networking


Use your free time and renew contacts with old colleagues, friends, and acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time. Also, try to make new contacts with people from the industry you are looking for a job in. When they return from vacation, people are in a better mood, more rested and happier – and therefore more willing to help. Also, look for specialized groups on social media – these are places where job vacancies are usually posted that don’t appear elsewhere.


Lastly, remember that the person to whom your CV comes into their hands spends on average just three seconds before forming an opinion about you. Therefore, when it comes to a resume, it is not a waste to make an effort.