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At R&P research we understand the importance of targeting the right customers for your services. For your effective client targeting needs, we have launched a comparative business fundamentals dataset of top 3000 U.S. Companies.

 Insights On Top 3000 U.S. Companies To Build Your Data-Driven Sales Strategy

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 Introducing R&P Top 3000 Database & Screener

Why RP Screener

 R&P- U.S. TOP 3000

R&P- U.S. 3000 is a database of top 3000 public companies in United States, ranked by their 2015 revenues. The database provides information such as company name, address, phone, and website URL., and SIC code. The revenues, net profits, revenue growth, net profit growth, and net profit margin information for 2014 and 2015 is also provided. The companies are categorized into different sectors and industries. With an inbuilt screener on top of the database, users can create a target list of companies based upon revenues and profits related criterion.

Gain Business Insights On Top 3000 Companies Across 400 Industries In The U.S


Filter Companies By Sector, Industry, Location, Revenues, Net Income, Net Margin and Size of Business

R&P Screener

Why R&P – U.S. 3000 Is Different?


3x Companies Covered Compared To Leading Database


Industries Classified For Easy Targeting By Sales & Marketing

Inbuilt Screener To Build Target List And Solution Pitch 

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