Every homeowner likes the idea of painting their home with a new coat of painting. However, this idea cost real money and can be quite expensive for some homeowners. Experienced painters charge up to 4,000 dollars (both the materials and labor are included in this price) to paint the exterior of a two-story home that is approximately 2,500-square-foot, and approximately 5,500 dollars for the interior of the said home. Depending on the area, the hour rate of painters such as malerkanonen ranges from 15 dollars to 55 dollars. Although, it is 40 dollars on average in urban areas.

With the correct research and planning, it is easy to save on the home painting costs, whether you are doing the paint job by yourself or you hired some professional painters to do the job for you.

Here are some of the cost estimates of painting your home’s exterior or interior.

Exterior painting cost


It costs about 1000 to 1500 dollars to paint an exterior of a 500 square feet house, 1000 to 3000 dollars for 1000 square feet, 3000 to 5000 dollars for 2500 square feet and 4000 to 7000 dollars for 4000 square feet.

Interior painting cost

It costs around 750 to 1500 dollars to paint an interior of a 500 square feet house, 1500 to 3000 dollars for 1000 square feet, 3750 to 7500 dollars for 2500 square feet and 6000 to 12000 dollars for 4000 square feet.

According to many articles and websites, the cost of a paint job highly varies depending on what kind of paint is used, what material is needed to be painted. Fortunately, the cost of the painting your home can be categorized into two parts:

Labor costs


Labor cost means that how much the professional painter will charge. Since most of the painting contractors charge money on an hourly basis, it is essential to control and reduce the time, your painter takes to do the job.

Occasionally, painting contractors, like Sidepost, price the job on a per-room or project basis – it all depends on the size and complexity of your project.

Cost of materials and paint

Depending on the quality and specialty of the paint, a cost of paint ranges from 25 to 65 dollars per gallon. Some paints have special and unique features such as mold-resistant, suppressing smell and requiring fewer coats. Some companies even provide warranties for their paints. However, buying a paint with a warranty may not be worth the high price.

You may be thinking that painting your house now seems a bit complicated and expensive. Luckily for you, there are many ways in which you should be able to reduce the home painting cost and save some money:

Get competing bids


Before deciding on a painter, make sure to research properly and compare prices of different professional painters. It is advisable to ask your friends and family to recommend you one. After finding one, always remember to ask various questions related to the job such as how much time will be spent, the quality of the paint used and are there any additional costs. By doing so, you can save up to 50 dollars per hour if the painter will take less time in completing his job, and you could also save around 100 to 200 dollars if there are no extra costs.

Use a contract

After hiring a painter, make a contract with him. You need to make sure that not only you will make a deal with the painter but also make an agreement in writing. There are different types of agreement. Some are based on the time that this much time will spent on the job and that there are additional charges for every hour spent extra. Some are simple. Everything is written that needs to be done in the job, no matter how much time is taken. By making a written agreement, it is far more easy to save quite a few dollars and your energy as well.

Do some work by yourself


You can save a lot of money by doing all the chores related to the paint job by yourself or even do the painting by yourself.  You will need to buy or rent the appropriate equipment and supplies such as rollers, ladders and caulk, that are necessary for the paint job. If you are not doing the job by yourself, you can always hire a professional painter. You can even ask him if you can reduce the cost of the job by doing some of the tasks by yourself, such as trimming shrubs, prep work, moving furniture and removing outlet covers. Hence, cutting additional labor costs. You can save up to 500 to 1000 dollars.

Keep repainting once in a while

If you want to save some major money, then it is essential not to wait too long in repainting your house. Do not wait for your exterior to start peeling just so you start thinking about repainting it since it will increase your cost. If the surface of your house is quite damaged, then the painter will need to spend a lot more time in preparing the surface for the paint, resulting in more money charged by the painter.

Cut the scope of the job


Another one of the best ways to reduce the cost of the paint job is by cutting the aspects that you feel like are not important. For instance, if you only want to repaint certain walls then you can tell your painter not to paint the ceilings, reducing the paint as well as time used, resulting in saved money.

The final word

After reading this article, now you have the knowledge about how much does it cost to paint different home sizes, what are these costs categorized in, how to reduce these costs and how much to save. By following all the 5 tips mentioned above, you can actually save quite a huge amount of money. You can literally save 1000 to 5000 dollars or more and use it somewhere else useful.