Sending money across the globe is something that many individuals do every day. It all comes down to where you are sending the funds and where to. Are you looking for an appropriate channel to send your money to the Philippines? Good! Worry no more because so many online channels can let your work done with ease and convenience. The only worry you need to have is the selection of the best option for your case. You need to keep in mind various factors while choosing your channel for sending money to the Philippines. After all it’s your money we’re talking about.

Probably you are a business person or a Filipino staying abroad and trying to send money or make payment to the Philippines. Of course, there might be other scenarios but these two are the most common answers. This article will address all you need by giving you the basic factors to consider and some of the best channels for sending money to the Philippines. We hope that you’ll like our selection. If not, feel free to point us in another direction in the comment section.

What Are Important Factors When Sending Money to the Philippines?


Of course it’s speed is the first thing we’re going to mention. We live in the world where no one has any minute to spare. Time is money, and that’s not going to change ever. The rate at which you wish your money to be channeled to the Philippines is a major factor to consider. Everyone wants to get things done a soon as possible. But there’s a catch. Worth noting is that the rate of sending money is proportional to the cost. So, if you want a fast service, you need to pay extra. That is how most businesses operate.

Rate of Exchange

Sending money in one currency and receiving it in the same one might not be possible at all times. You’ll probably have to send the money in Dollars or Euros, but the person receiving it will have to withdraw it in Philippine Peso. Several currencies will charge a different rate of exchange. Therefore, before sending the money to the Philippines, carry out sufficient research to identify the channel that charges a favorable exchange rate. You’ll need to learn a thing or two about the currency exchanges before sending major sums of money to far Asia.

Cost of Money Transfer

There are several factors that different channels will consider when setting up the transfer cost. While selecting the best channel for your money transfer, ensure unfair prices do not exploit you. Money transfer has its price, but these days it can vary from exchange to an exchange or from a bank to a bank. Digital currencies changed the financial markets forever, with its low cost of coin transfer, and you shouldn’t be surprised that some currencies cost more than others to send to the Philippines or any other part of the world.


You should ensure that the channel you are selecting gives you your ultimate experience. You need to go for a very easy and convenient channel to use, straight from account opening to the final step in sending money to the Philippines. In the end it’s best to make things easier to both yourself and to the recipient. There’s nothing wrong in always seeking to meet the most convenient end to any transaction.

What is the Best Channel For Sending Money to the Philippines?



At the beginning we stated that in most cases people who send money to the Philippines are people of business or Filipinos working abroad. But, it could be anyone. If you’re a person without any ties with his country but still need to send money there, you probably have no idea on how to do it. Let us help you. How did you hear of Rewire? It is one of the online channels for sending money to the Philippines.

You could choose any partner for this, but at least listen to our propositions. This option has many pros, such as convenience (an important part of the process as we singled it out above), reliability, and 24/7 customer service. When it comes to money transfers you want availability as an option. Serious companies put a lot of effort, time and money into their customer services, stating the importance of their customers. You will be allowed to use various tools like debit cards, bank transfers, cash pickups, and credit cards. While this is common with many money transfer companies, things get better the more you read.

Older people, not too adept with modern technology will be glad to hear that Rewire offers you a fast, simple, and free account sign-up. You only need to provide your details and proof of your identity to verify your account with this company. All that is left after this is to send the money. After you have completed the money transfer process, you will get a notification of your money transfer status. The 24-hour customer service we mentioned above will be at your disposal the whole time and you’ll be in touch with them while your money is being transferred to the Philippines. Your money will get to the Philippines within one business day.



If you are looking for the most cost-effective channel to send money to the Philippines, then Wise is the best way to go. The only challenge with this platform is that it’s not the fastest channel that can send your money to the Philippines. While this might not posses issue for some people, we value the time the same way we value money. Having your money stuck in the transfer process longer than 24 hours just doesn’t feel safe. But, if saving money is your priority you could go with this option.



Xoom is one of the most popular money transfer channels across the world. Have you heard of it? It’s quite reliable. The channel has a strong reputation for being the most reasonable and acceptable channel for sending money to the Philippines and Southeastern Asia.

The important aspect for Xoom is online-to-offline money transfer. Once you finish your online money transfer, the person who is channeling the money to in the Philippines can receive the cash at their desired place even if they don’t have a bank account or are not connected to the internet. This is a convenient option if you’re not sending the money to one of the city centers of this island.



Remitly is one of the newest channels for transferring money to the Philippines. The channel offers a very low cost of money transfer to the archipelago while keeping your money safe. Your money will need three business days to arrive in the Philippines. This is quite a number and we’ll understand if you ignore this option. In addition to being a young company, this amount of time is just not acceptable by many people and especially businessmen and companies.


You have many options when deciding on the best channel for sending your money to the Philippines. All you need to do is select the most convenient channel for you. With the number of options we left for you above we’re sure you’ll be able to make the right choice. If you’re not sure which one is the right one, make sure to ask for our opinion in the comment section.