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Should You Use Online Conveyancing?

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When you’re buying a home, or selling one, all the legal process of transferring the title of the property and the property itself are done through a conveyancer. The traditional way of hiring solicitors (conveyancers) is done locally. Homeowners would find local solicitors near their homes, and finish the legal work. But nowadays, online conveyancing has grown massively and homeowners can hire a solicitor online.

There are many differences between the traditional way of soliciting, and the newer, online, method. In this article, we are going to tell you the pros and cons of both ways, and tell you while online conveyancing is just as good if not better.

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Online Conveyancing

This method of soliciting is done in order for solicitors to cut more on their expenses. This method of soliciting means that you might never meet your solicitor face to face. Because they use different methods of keeping you up to date, you might never know who your solicitor is. The world of online conveyancing works in a way that companies require large volumes of work in order to maintain a steady profit. What this means is that companies will usually employ a large team of case gathers and have one supervisor solicitor look over the team. Online conveyancing companies store their customer details on a centralized disk. This can be considered a negative thing because most of the time you will speak with a different person every time you contact your online conveyancing service.

These companies use various web, and normal applications such as My Key Conveyancing App, where they find people who need a solicitor to finalize the buying or selling of a house.

The great thing about online conveyancing is that it aims to solve all the soliciting problems by offering a service which takes care of everything. When you’ve hired an online conveyancing service, make sure to always ask for experienced solicitors, as they get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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How much do they cost?

While cost ranges from one transaction to another, online solicitors usually charge less than local ones. However, the golden rule of thumb is to always check for any hidden fees inside your contract.

Traditional Conveyancing

Traditional conveyancing offers a more personal approach in the world of soliciting since you will spend time with your solicitor. Like online solicitors, traditional ones can deal with all the aspects of conveyancing, no matter how complex or simple they might be. They have knowledge of the whole process which includes shared equity purchases, transfer of equity, lease extensions, and more. These traditional, solicitors have established contacts with estate agencies and mortgage lenders. They understand every aspect of the industry, and they understand how things are done in it.

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How much do they cost?

Traditional solicitors can be considered more expensive than online ones. Most of the time, traditional solicitors will have a no-sale no-fee policy, which is great in the case of the deal breaking down. But let’s be real, everyone wants their transaction to go through. Traditional solicitors will offer you a full breakdown of the fees involves, and they will be much higher than those of online solicitors.