Sideload means something like downloading or uploading but with a modification that you need to move files such as movies or any docs between two devices. This transformation has been made with help of USB or with a memory card in the past. This technique was used in the past when the technology of the world was roaming with 2G. At that time, mp3 players were popular when songs were sideloaded with help of memory cards, Bluetooth or USB ports from a laptop.

Android Phones and Sideload Free Apps

Sideload free apps on android mobile devices are laced with extreme benefits with more specific concerns of innovation. To understand it better, let’s take a more contemporary example. Fire Stick has tons of free apps and entertainment content. However, if you learn how to jailbreak FireStick, you can access even more content. Read this page to know more about it.

Definition of Sideloading


Installing any app outside of the Play Store or App Store will be called Sideloading app. An app that you grab to download from anywhere else on the internet instead of the Google Play, Amazon Apps, Samsung Galaxy store.

What is the surety of secure interaction with sideloading apps?

Sideloading Apps come along with massive security risks and issues. Such apps are not allowed by android phones because these apps get blocked if downloaded from unknown tracks. The unknown is a non-definite term to use as such apps are not entirely trusted by phone makers anymore. For instance, a Samsung phone does not allow any sideload free apps if they are gotten from an unknown track.

How to download a sideload app with Auto Features of Android Phones?

Android 7 and below


If you want to download a sideload app on your android phone you need to turn on the auto features of such downloading. Android phones with old version 7 and below 7, you will see a single check box in settings >Lock screen and security-related “secure folder menu” means unknown path. Turn it on, and enjoy downloading any sideload of the app.

Android 8 Oreo


Android 8 with software Oreo, sideload free apps became more pathetic to download. You have to allow permission for every specific app rather than as a global pick for every sideload app. You will find options to set up as follows.

In Setting > Apps and Notifications > Advanced.

Afterwards, Select “Special App Access” then check the “Install unknown apps”. This will allow you to download sideload free apps.

Android 8 Oreo strategy is a guarder one for downloading the sideload apps hence in this way, you pick the app you want to sideload. Such apps no doubt come with a greater risk. Such apps sometimes cannot be protected through strong malware. Due to these reasons, many prohibited policies have been introduced for sideloading apps such as BYOD and CYOD.

  • BYOD: Bring your own device.
  • CYOD: Choose your own device.

Sideload in any way

Sideloading an app does not always come with bigger risks hence if you want a sideload app for in-house applications use then there are many options to manage with these downloads.

How Sideload Free Apps help you if they are downloaded into your android?


Safeguard your personal information: Unluckily, Sideload apps are not that secure and good to download on your phones because hackers can easily make a cybercrime by stealing your passwords and banking details. A VPN or VPS converts the whole data of your internet’s IP address into unreadable stuff for accessing a hacker.

Avoid geoblocking: Streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu are always restricted to show all the stuff you want to watch anyway. With the use of the VPN, they give a chance to offer a larger catalog of TV series and movies. A VPN helps you to change your IP location – and confuse the harmful apps and webs with multiple IPs addresses to show.

Avoid legal after-effects: VPN helps you to hide your real recognition and make you anonymous hence in this way you can stream whatever material on your fire stick that nobody can trace you. Increase your connection speed: A sideload app can be used to increase your connection speed as it hides your real IP address.

Empowering Sideload Apps on Android

Sideloading an app can be done through APK files on android devices. The only way that you can choose to give permissions to the unknown paths from the setting. Once you did, you then can empower your phone after launching the APK file you want to side-load.

Benefits of Backup your computer files


While the steps are already discussed in detail, we need to be more careful by making a backup of the vital data into our PC. In this way, you get rid of the fear or tensions of viruses and hackers.

No doubt recent research is the master of proving that the android security team makes it able to protect Google Play while outside of this box there are chances of viruses 10 times higher than normal.

Checking APK Files downloaded as Sideload for Safety & Security


Hackers do not let any benefit down unless or until free software is offered for installing virus and anti-virus on it. This is the major reason Sideload or APK files can destroy your PC or device. This does not mean people stop downloading APK files. To protect your Android phones from harmful files, you need to make sure that your phone is updated with the latest precautions. Examples of reputable antivirus software for Android devices include Avast, Bitdefender, and Norton Mobile Security. Downloading these provides an extra layer of security.

Final Thought

In the nutshell, it is concluded that if there are benefits of something there are some disadvantages found as well. Hence, it is proved that there are various ways to download which helps to lessen the chances of cyber criminality. Sideload free apps are not at all disrupted apps but help you to retrieve data that you are unable to do under the limitations of the Android Google Play Store.