Software development is an important segment for any business in order to provide customers and clients with the best UX or UI available. No matter the niche, everyone wants to deliver great results (and solutions) to their clientele — it’s a universal concept. However, creating a solution independently with your own internal team is an entirely different concept that is challenging in the least, if not completely impossible for many.

Consider hiring a custom software company like GloriumTechnologies to help you along the way — from scratch to the final product.

When developing your solutions with a provider, the product, or in this case, the software for your users, comes complete with the name of your brand or company — or specific project — to ensure that you have the legal right to offer it to your clients. Upon receiving payment, and once you have paid the agreed fee to your software developer, your company keeps all additional and remaining profits.

Although many companies offer similar services, exceptional results are only achieved by working closely with the right software engineering company.

In short, you will depend on your chosen team of experts for the deliverable of your product. Selecting the right professionals, such as, for example, VironIT whose reputation on the software development market is well-established and indisputable, will be the first task in your homework agenda.

First things first, you will want to make sure that the company you choose is both proficient and highly-skilled in their field. Be sure to do your research and find a company that has been operating for years and has served plenty of satisfied customers.

However you choose to do your research, you can save time by taking a quick look at the following list of the top 6 software development companies.

1. Glorium Tech


Glorium Tech is renowned, worldwide, for its distinctive approach when it comes to developing the best solutions for their clients. Responsible for delivering countless solutions, Glorium Tech’s main ethos has always revolved around the delivery of customized solutions for businesses and in-house team collaborations, with a client-centered approach.

Glorium Tech has over ten years of experience developing and providing customized apps. Although most of their clients are small to mid-sized businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations, most of their clients are involved in the healthcare industry and real estate niche.

According to representatives, Glorium has a great relationship with its 50-strong base of companies and clients across the globe. Glorium Tech’s software team comprises some of the most renowned experts in the US. Their incredible team of app creation specialists consists of over 150 experts alone, including project managers and quality assurance staff. With plenty of flexible and affordable service packages to choose from, customers are provided with the opportunity to establish a stronger brand and company with unlimited scalability. As a result, you will be able to offer more value to a diverse range of customers throughout the world.

2. Syberry


Founded in 2011, Syberry is one of the most trustworthy providers on the market. With ten years of experience under their belt, this provider boasts a confident public portfolio and has worked closely with some big names — see for yourself on their website.

Syberry is a vibrant company with its main office situated in Austin, Texas with additional offices in locations including Europe and the US. This explains why they are such a flexible option for working on remote projects. In addition, many of their high profile clients have vouched for their capabilities and proficiency. According to officials, although they offer various services, they mainly specialize in application development, app support, as well as software and app management.

3. Bavaan

Bavaan is an international technology company providing custom software development services for businesses of all sizes. They specialize in helping their customers create innovative software solutions to meet their unique needs.

At Bavaan, they work with companies to design and develop applications that enable their business processes. They use cutting-edge technologies to provide online software solutions such as web-based applications, cloud computing systems, mobile applications and more. Their experienced professionals are also experts in gaining insights into your unique business situation and proposing customized technology solutions which best suit your budget and timeline constraints.

4. Itransition


Itransition came from humble beginnings, starting out as a small company in Denver, Co back in 1998. As their team expanded, they branched out, forming offices in Austin, the UK, as well as Belarus. Thanks to this expansion, Itransition serves clients all around the world.

With over two decades of experience, Itransition has plenty of custom UX and UI services to offer. Aside from software services as their staple service, they also specialize in other relevant niches, including web development, and e-commerce.

Presently, the company consists of roughly 1,500 + workers, all with ample skills and experience in the IT industry. One of their biggest achievements is a massive 44 websites migration into one e-commerce platform: Magento. Itransition has worked with high profile clients like Xerox, Paypal, Toyota, and more.

5. Liventus


The main offices of Liventus are located in Northbrook, III. As their company experienced exceptional growth, they have since expanded to include several branches in Chicago and one office in Bengaluru, India. Liventus has been in operation since 2002 and comprises 50+ highly-talented and experienced employees. Aside from software development, this company also offers services in relevant categories such as e-commerce, project management, IT support, as well as consulting.

Liventus’ powerful app services have brought many benefits to their clients. Their project revolves around a powerful and effective back-end system that helps businesses increase their ROI and conversion rates. Some clients have even reported experiencing conversion rates exceeding 30%. Just imagine how much your company could profit from this type of adjustment.

6. Dreamztech Solutions


Dreamztech Solutions is a popular name among small to mid-sized businesses thanks to their proven track record of delivering valuable solutions to their clients. Dreamztech’s main offices are located in Tempe, AZ, and include offices in Kolkata, Watford, as well as San Francisco.

They have been operating since 2012 and have served many small businesses, as well as companies in industries including education, health, logistics, retail, manufacturing, banking, entertainment, commercial products, and so on. Dreamztech’s staff consists of 250 full-time experts who are ready to help you around the clock.