Teamwork is crucial in a workplace and it determines the qualitative performance of your company. However, getting the perfect team with the best coordination is not an easy thing to achieve. Therefore, companies take out their team members for team-building activities. These activities and events allow the employees to have a chance to know each other.

Interacting with colleagues in a workplace is different from getting to know them. Your interaction is very limited and related to work. Therefore, you will have a very limited chance to get to know someone. On the other hand, in team-building activities, you will have the freedom to do anything you want. Thus, things won’t be related to work there.

However, the problem is with the arrangement. Being the executive of a company, a team leader won’t have enough time to plan things. How can they manage a team-building activity? Firstly, they won’t have the time. Secondly, they won’t have effective ideas. That is why, if you believe that you have better ideas for team building and you wish to make your company, it would be a great idea.

Here are the things that you need to know beforehand.

1. Vehicle for off-roading


The most crucial thing that you will need is the vehicle in which you will take the employees. So what about the Jeep Renegade? To gain additional information you can read more about it.

Renegade is known for its elegant look and amazing performance. It has an all-terrain powerhouse that makes it suitable for almost all terrains. Therefore, you can easily go wherever you plan to. This is what makes it the perfect choice for your company. You will need to carry out team activities in different areas and different terrains. Therefore, you need a vehicle that can bear the pressure.

In addition to this, Jeep Renegade is imitating the SUV and it has amazingly good performance. Therefore, if you want to take the executives of a company, this vehicle would be the best choice. It will give the VIP feeling to the employees.

2. Arranging the activities

You need to have a list of activities that you will use to engage the team members. Taking them on the trip is not enough. You must ensure that they cooperate with each other and interact with each other. However, if you plan just sitting or eating, they will skip that.

In addition to this, you need to make sure to have activities that involve group participation and coordination. Group activities will make the team members strong and depend on each other. They will be able to know each other and their strong points.

So here are some ideas that you can use:

  1. Zombie escape
  2. Battle of the Airbands
  3. A shrinking vessel
  4. Back-to-back drawing
  5. Office trivia

All games have their strong points. For example, office trivia will work on improving team bonding. In this activity, you can make the team members ask questions about the workplace. Thus, you can know each other’s point of view about the workplace and their knowledge too.

Likewise, back-to-back drawing will improve communication skills. The whole team will be split into pairs. Thus, a smaller group with better communication will win. This will let the team members know who they bond well with. So it will be a good opportunity for them to find their perfect partner.

3. Community service activities


Arranging community service for the employees brings double benefits. Firstly, you won’t need to struggle too much. Secondly, the employees will be serving the community. Thirdly, they will be out of the office even for a short time.

Furthermore, serving others is known to have positive psychological effects. Therefore, this activity is most suitable for workplace people. They are sitting in their office for many hours. Thus, they end up in a difficult situation. They have work to do and problems to deal with. They are not doing enough good deeds. Thus, the sense of accomplishment is not there.

As a result of this, there will be fewer good deeds and more work pressure. This will have a negative impact on the psychological condition of the employees of a company.

Therefore, arranging community service activities will have a better outcome.

For community service activities, you can arrange;

  1. Serving and cleaning old-age home
  2. Cleaning the beach
  3. Community beautification project
  4. Planting plants

All these activities will have meaning and bring the human factor to employees.

4. Storytime

If you are taking them on a relaxing trip somewhere, a campfire is a must thing to have. And along with this, you will need campfire stories. But you do not need to arrange many stories. We all have our own side of the story to tell. Therefore, all you have to do is to kick start the session and everyone will participate automatically.

You can start with a story about how you started working and your work experience. Many others would like to share their struggles. Thus, the employees will have a better chance of understanding each other. They will know the struggles of their seniors and how they got to that point in their careers.

Many of us believe that our seniors are not worthy of the position. And thus, we start to hate them. However, knowing about each other’s struggles will create better bonding and affection.

Apart from the tough stories, they can also share some funny moments in the office. Sharing embarrassing stories and funny events also brings employees closer to each other. The humor factor will change things and also the mood. This will also let the employees relive the old memories.


5. Memory wall

One of the interesting things that will bring employees closer to each other. Furthermore, it gives them complete freedom if they want to share their memories or not. So even if someone is new to the place, they will be able to get along well with their seniors.